Luis Manzano’s Wedding with Angel Locsin Still Uncertain

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Celebrity couple Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano are still going strong. Despite of their ideal relationship in local showbiz, wedding bells are not still ringing for both Angel and Luis. He further revealed that they have not talked about the pertinent details of settling down. Speaking of his reactions to the public announcements of popular celebrities, he said that there’s nothing he could say but his warmest congratulations.

Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin have no definite wedding plans yet.

Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin have no definite wedding plans yet.

Further, Manzano added that if their altar date would ever happen that will come. As far as Angel is concerned, she is currently detaching her-self from the glare and glamour of limelight and the adventurous world of social media. In fact, she is enjoying the company of her family and friends. On the part of Luis, he’ll be doing soon The Voice Philippines? on ABS-CBN 2. He will be with Toni Gonzaga. It is surprising to note that this couple does not go with the fad of publicly announcing their engagement just like other celebrities. Uniquely, this couple exudes a kind of simplicity like no other. More so, their romantic relationship is an epitome of true love and an unwavering kind of respect for one another.

It is very much certain that Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin are just waiting for the right time before going to a new journey of love and an endless commitment that man cannot put asunder. Although everyone is waiting for the announcement of this much awaited moment, Luis and Angel are both preparing them-selves emotionally and financially to better their lives more than ever. After all, marriage is a serious matter to deal with by each one of us. In conclusion, the best way to express genuine love to your significant other is to make him or her your queen or prince till the end of time.

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