Get ready to watch a band with diverse range of musical influences that started with the likes of Beethoven, Guns N Roses, Talking Heads, Bruce Springsteen and those cinematic music, which are oftentimes coupled with anything that’s strange and weird on July 28, 2014 at 8:00 P.M. at the World Trade Center, Pasay City. This is no other than but The Lumineers in Manila. How exactly does this band all started? Here are some of the most undisclosed information that will definitely make you to know more about them.

The Lumineers in Manila will surely be another exciting musical event to anticipate.

The Lumineers in Manila will surely be another exciting musical event to anticipate.

The Lumineers is a folk rock band, based in Denver, Colorado. Incidentally, its founding members are the group’s songwriters. They are Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites respectively. From wayback, they began writing and performing together in New York under the name Wesley Jeremiah, in 2005. During 2008 and 2009 Jay Van Dyke has decided to join the formidable duo. Historically, they were originally based in New Jersey and later moved to Brooklyn, New York. After battling the city’s cutthroat music scene and high cost of living, they decided to expand their horizons.

They packed up and headed to Denver Colorado. It was in Colorado where they met Neyla Pekarek. He joined the band in 2010 and started to perform in shows with smaller venues like the 100-audience capacity Meadowlark. Similarly, they had written a couple of songs and eventually recorded several of them at Jer’s attic. Then, from 2008 to 2011 they were managed by Katelyn Arnold who patiently booked their shows, tours and introduced them to their current management.

It was during the spring of 2011, when they signed a management deal with Onto Entertainment, with managers Christen Green and David Meinert. This came after the two saw an awesome video on YouTube of the Lumineers singing their future single Ho-Hey in a small apartment. Onto fronted the band money to record a full-length album in Seattle at the Bear Creek Studio, with Ryan Hadlock as its producer, engineer Jerry Streeter and assistant engineer Grant Hathaway.

In April of 2012  the Lumineers’ self-titled debut album was released on Dualtone Records. Therefore, it unexpectedly gained the No.2 spot on the Billboard 200 Chart in January 2013. As of December 2013, their debut album has already been a certified Platinum in the US and Ireland with its Gold Certification in UK, Australia and Canada.

The song entitled Scotland is currently used as a theme song for the television series, Reign. The song is co-written and featured the performance of a former band member, Jay Van Dyke. Meanwhile, the other songs of the band have also been featured on the show.

In other related developments, Jeremiah Fraites emphasizes on the simplicity of the Lumineers’ musical style. He said that they are not reinventing or doing anything that is different. As a result, their songs are super simple. In fact, the ideas them-selves have straightforward contexts. He also said that anyone who can play an instrument can do the same fabulous thing with their song. He also believes that there is a certain cinematic aspect in their kind of music that he really likes best.

The press people described their music as a perfectly formed collection of rustic folk type songs, slotting in nicely among  the current roots of revivals.  While most bands these days look for a new, original sound so as to enhance today’s digital revolution, the Lumineers superbly maintains its simplicity. Due to their unprecedented popularity, the Lumineers band was awarded as BMI’s Pop Song of the Year Award, alongside with the Most Performed Song of the Year Award for the song, Ho-Hey.

The Lumineers

The band’s current members are:

  1. Wesley Keith Schultz- Lead vocals, guitar, piano
  2. Jeremiah Caleb Fraites – Drums, percussion, backing vocals, mandolin
  3. Neyla Pekarek – Cello, backing vocals
  4. Stelth Ulvang – Piano, mandolin, accordion, guitar, backing vocals
  5. Ben Wahamaki – Bass

Lumineers’ Concert Ticket Prices

Ticket prices are as follows:

  1. VIP – Php 4,689
  2. Gold Php 3,126

In closing, If you are really searching for a musical extravaganza that is timeless and with soul stirring lyrics, powered by passion and truly ripened by hard work it is time to catch The Lumineers in Manila this coming July. Don’t dare miss it.

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