The reverberating lessons of Philippine history are not always typified in textbooks. But, these moving and lasting events of the past which had perfectly shaped the destiny and fate of people are also embellished in the various tourist attractions of this charming Philippine Archipelago. Have you ever heard about the historic and eye-catching Luneta Hotel? This was reopened sometime last year to make the world know that any perpetuating piece of cultural heritage will not be totally lost in oblivion. Amazingly, it is one of the fewest structures in the capital city of the Philippines which had strongly survived the darkest and turbulent years of Manila’s Liberation in 1945.

Luneta Hotel.

Luneta Hotel.

Finally, this was grandiosely completed in 1919. The elegant Luneta Hotel was beautifully designed by a famous Spanish artisan ands Salvador Farre. As for its bizarre conceptual framework, this was drawn from the captivating impresario of the French Renaissance architecture. Although this was the entire blueprint, the Filipino heritage which was heartwarmingly envisioned by the hotel was never taken for granted through the years. In its entirety, it is composed of six storeys, with an unbarred Bermuda plane in Luneta. Meanwhile, its adjacent structures are marvelous stone houses and spacious storerooms. Ultimately, Luneta Hotel has domineeringly envisaged the predominant influences of American colonizers which would be brought by these freedom loving people in those years. During the American Occupation, President Dwight Eisenhower praised all those people behind its timeless grandeur and magnificence. When a spine-tingling Second World War rocked the tranquility of the Philippines, the charismatic beauty of Luneta Hotel has remained undaunted.

As a result, it had once become the safest fortress of those American soldiers who were deployed to Corregidor after a surprising siege of Manila. Miraculously, Luneta Hotel was able to survive hundreds of thousands of bombardments ever since it was beautifully built and discovered. Today, the most cherished and sprawling Luneta Hotel was fully restored to its inexpressible and world-class grandeur with the full support of the National Historical Commission. Officially, its crucial renovation had commenced about nine years ago.


Luneta Hotel has showcased the most awesome features such as:

  1. There are no long and winding staircases, which are located at the central pillar of this lofty artwork. On the other hand, its previously majestic lobby has been made with a totally different aesthetic approach than it was before. Nevertheless, it has never diminished its sturdiness and upfront persona
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  3. The towering hotel has six floors and 27 rooms for the utmost satisfaction of its soon to multiply cliques of clientele. To date, the third floors as well as the fourth and fifth storeys are equipped with nine comfy rooms each
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  5. The ground floor alongside with the second and sixth floors are all converted into relaxing function rooms
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Geographical Location

Luneta Hotel is conveniently located at 414 Kalaw Street, Ermita Manila. It is adjacent Rizal Park and Roxas Boulevard, Manila.

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