Madonna’s Controversial Armpit Post on Instagram

| March 24, 2014 | 0 Comments

Pop icon Madonna does it again, as she gamely posted her hairy armpit on her Instagram account, while she wore a semi-nude kind of underwear. Moreover, in that very sensational photo of hers she raised her right hand which paved the way for the deliberate exposure of her armpit. It even goes with an intriguing caption, Long hair…Don’t Care!!!!!! and hashtags #artforfreedom, #rebelheart and #revolutionoflove. Consequently, it had drawn mixed reactions from millions of “netizens” all over the world. To date, it was flooded by different kinds of commentaries. From funny, to nasty, and almost everything under the sun can be read from her official account on Instagram.


Madonna, proudly displays her hairy armpit on her official Instagram account.

On the other hand, there are some people who seem to be doubtful if its really Madonna’s armpit. They even said that it could have been a result of today’s techie application which is widely known as the “Photoshop” or something to that effect. Others have said that they do not see anything malicious with the latest funny antic of Madonna. More so, it could even go viral online.

In fact, one netizen even wrote. “What’s wrong with armpit hair, men have it you don’t see them shaving it off…its what God gave you…its natural.” Similarly, there were other positive comments about Madonna’s newest online gimmick which go like this.“It’s her body, who cares what she chooses to do with it. Fake hair, real hair, pit hair, head hair, it doesn’t hurt anyone and frankly it’s @madonna…your comment while mean don’t affect the Queen. So you might as well be kind and considerate.”

Finally, what other people might say does not matter a lot. After all, we do all have the freedom and the right to do anything that we want for as long as we are not causing them any harm. In the same manner, aesthetic beauty comes in different forms because it is the most magnificent way of expressing your-self as the the best masterpiece of God.

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