A mysterious paranormal phenomenon might be involved in the domestic-related rift between Maegan Aguilar and her dad, Freddie Aguilar. The grieving daughter of this famous songwriter and singer suspects that her dad is under the spell of a witch that made his attitude worse. Maegan said in an interview with Yahoo Philippines, that she has no one to blame for what is going on between her and her father but Jovie Albao, her stepmom. She further added that

My father was never like that in his whole life. And I have known him for 35 years. He had never been this way.

Maegan Aguilar strongly believes that his father is under spell.

Maegan Aguilar strongly believes that his father is under spell.

In line with their unfinished saga of secret revelations, Maegan vividly recalled the facial expression of her celebrity dad while Freddie allegedly said these words.

You are worst one of all my children. You do think that I am very much proud of you? Not at all. All of you, leave!

As far as the lovespell issue is concerned, Maegan said.

I have a strong intuition that my father was under a lovespell. It was all because the alleged family of Jovie looks like as if they are all witches. Jovie does not look like them.

Likewise, their cook and maid were also kicked out of their house in Fairview, Quezon City. If these are all true, what seems to be the major reason? According to Freddie’s daughter,

The plan of the girl was to get us all out of the house while my father’s in Europe for a month.

When Maegan was asked about her reasons in believing those paranormal phenomena, she said.

I was under a love spell before. My ex-boyfriend did that to me. All that he wanted to happen had taken place.

Despite of her belief that his dad is in danger, Maegan will never go back to his father ever again. She further asserted that,

He’s in danger because he puts himself in that situation.

To wrap up, Maegan Aguilar must pray for her father if indeed the latter is under the power of a love spell. She must have a forgiving heart at some point because nothing can ever change the reality that she is still an Aguilar by blood and under the provisions of the New Family Code. Watch this video of Maegan, as she explains something about a voodoo ritual. Do you believe?

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