Maegan Aguilar Walks Out on Face the People

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Maegan Aguilar was still bitter with what happened to her and notable singer and composer Freddie Aguilar a few months ago. Maegan was allegedly kicked out of their house in Quezon City because of rotten veggies inside the refrigerator. Yesterday, she was invited to a popular talk show on TV5 entitled, Face the People. In that particular survey and counseling show, Maegan suddenly walked out when popular columnists Peter Ledesma and Pete Apoloquio advised her to finally forgive his father and let him realize his mistakes and misgivings in due time.

Maegan Aguilar walks out on Face the People thinking that the show is unfair.

Maegan Aguilar walks out on Face the People thinking that the show is unfair.

Also, the young and fierce Maegan has told a spectator to just keep quiet and sit down because the latter did not know about the whole story and most specially of what she is going through right now. Thinking that Face the People was for her father she and aunt Marlene Aguilar had both accused the show of personally attacking them. On the part of Marlene, she said that Freddie Aguilar was so dumb for making some wrong decisions about his life and that she was more brilliant than the famous Filipino singer. To prove, she said that she is a publisher and a writer of several books pertaining to the promotion of Philippine Culture and the Arts. As such, she was bestowed upon lots of accolades the world over. Although this was outside of the issue, Marlene Aguilar offensively asked the two panelists as to what they had achieved in their lives. In effect, both Apoloquio and Ledesma did not return to the studio after the sudden comercial gap.

After Maegan Aguilar has been pacified, she went on with her emotional lamentations. However, she finally admitted that the love of her father as far as she is concerned was somehow greatly diminished after all those misunderstandings between the two of them. Just the same, she is somehow willing to forgive his father when the right time comes. She even promised to live and start her life anew so that Freddie Aguilar would be proud of her.

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