The natural and magnificent wonders of the Philippines, has given this famous Southeast Asian region with so much pride and prestige, without putting much emphasis on the other fabulous secrets of this humble native land of the Filipinos. Her very gracious tourism industry is vividly colored with the best and world-renowned beaches that millions of tourists across the globe, loved to visit and explore. In Guimaras, Iloilo, there is one majestic and peaceful island beach resort that will surely leave you breathless; as you spend your days and nights with your family or special someone. Costa Aguada Island Resort in Guimaras, Iloilo, is geographically found within the precious and tranquil island of Inampulugan.

Costa Aguada Island Resort in Guimaras.

Costa Aguada Island Resort in Guimaras.

According to the sincere and noble natives of this enchanting archipelago of Guimaras. This is one of the extremely bombastic island resorts in Iloilo that has beautifully encompassed the astonishing attributes of a Filipino tourist gem since time immemorial. In fact, one of the major reasons why it is very notable in the sprawling archipelago of Iloilo is due to the undeniable reality that it proudly belongs to a cluster of ECO-TOURISM beaches or island resorts in the Philippines. Moreover, this fantastic beach resort boots itself with some of the most modern and innovative facilities that will make your stay even more comfortable and pleasurable at the same time. Among these are as follows: An elegant dining area with 200 seats, a fully-sanitized swimming pool with freshwaters, an Orchard Bar and an outdoor sports venue with countless tennis courts. the Island Resort of Costa Aguada in Iloilo has marvelous and spacious rooms, that adequately suit your needs and budget. Currently, this unparalleled tourist attraction has 27 duplexes, 14 individualized rooms and a lot more. Additionally, each of these accommodations has their own bathroom, a balcony and a telephone unit. To ensure their clients’ safety, these temporary abodes are purposely equipped with screens. Also, there are bamboo cottages which are readily available for those people who wish to have a Filipino-inspired ambiance; while they are still enjoying the relatively tropical climate of Guimaras.

Geographically, Costa Aguada Island Resort is conveniently found in a 1,067 hectare crocodile island. owned by private individuals. Among the exemplary and unforgettable highlights of this truly relaxing island resort in Iloilo are as follows: It is blessed with rolling mountains which are indeed pleasing to the discriminating senses of those visitors, who really wanted to give them-selves an avant garde vacation of a lifetime. Categorically, this has been classified as a three-starred island beach resort after its historical establishment to eventually become part of the illustrious and continuously progressive Philippine Tourism. Despite of this, millions of travelers will definitely get their inexplicable satisfaction as soon as they have fruitfully experienced the numerous travel and vacation conveniences that are being unconditionally offered by those kind and efficient staff, of this mesmerizing Island Resort of Costa Aguada in Iloilo.

Through the years, this one-of-a-kind resort of Costa Aguada, Iloilo has fully blossomed into an internationally-acclaimed tourist destination in the Philippine Islands. Therefore, it has constantly developed its meaningful and catalytic core philosophies which have been effectively translated into dynamic forms of goal-driven actions to keep up with the ever-competitive tourism industry in the country. Further, this charismatic island resort in Iloilo possesses the charm and incredible mystique that has been fervently adored and appreciated by its loyal guests through its remarkable tourist attractions, surrounding the alluring Costa Aguada Resort, Iloilo. To provide you with a much detailed overview about the other significant facts in relation to the concealed surprises of Costa Aguada, read on and be amazed on how these things will help you make up your mind for the last minute, prior to your royal-like sojourn in this beach resort that is uniquely christened as Costa Aguada. First and foremost, the 64-room rendezvous in Iloilo is intricately designed with native materials. So, it would magnificently transform this beach resort into something that is worth-seeing.

Each of these rooms are fully-furnished with simple fixtures, which interestingly resemble what this wonderful country has to offer to its hundreds of thousands visitors who swiftly flock to this fully-embodied island resort. These cozy rooms have individualized porches, clean beds, intercoms as well as those clean private baths and toilets. To secure your valuables and other belongings, the resort has luggage racks and easy to use closets. For workaholics, there is a sturdy writing desk in each of these superb accommodations.

Getting There

This tourist spot can be easily accessible via a 50-minute aircraft travel from the Philippine capital. After which, travelers have to ride a bus which will be on the road, for about twenty minutes. Then, this very convenient mode of transportation will take you all the way to the Pier of Pulupandan. From there, these excited voyagers will again ride a safe and sturdy ferry banca. Therefore, their travel time would only take a span of 45 minutes or less.

It is indeed nice to know that there are many tourist destinations in the Philippines, which are truly captivating, timeless and historic. The Costa Aguada Island Resort is an attractive picturesque of heavenly bliss, that carries an exemplary envisage of a world-class vacation hub without further explanations or whatsoever. Come and join the hilarity with endless adventures that only Guimaras, Iloilo is abundantly blessed with.

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