One of the most common ideas in the establishment of these national parks is the ultimate care and conservation of the so-called wild nature for the sake of a country’s national pride and posterity. By definition, a national park is a specific area which is duly classified by law under Category Number II. Above all these things, these are widely used for matters of recreation. Likewise, these historical places of interests are best suited for camping activities and all other wholesome activities, which you might find yourselves hooked into.

The majestic volcano of  Mahagnao National Park.

The majestic volcano of Mahagnao National Park.

In a Third World nation like the Philippines, her timeless and charismatic national parks are usually employed for the dynamic and an encompassing furtherance of knowledge in relation to the abundance of her limitless natural resources. Along this line, let this humble article take your wildest imaginations to the majestic Mahagnao National Park. Mahagnao National Park is approximately 22 kilometers away from the focal point of Burauen town in Leyte. In order for tourists to reach this glaring and glorious scenic spot, they have to pass by the green-colored and acidic waters of Lake Malagsum. As an overview, it is one of those lakes which is geographically found at the southernmost flank of a dormant scenic attraction which is popularly known as the Volcano of Mahagnao in Leyte. Conversely, from that point of origin, you and your group can walk leisurely under those antiquated trees which are believed to be in existence for about a hundred years or more. Then, you will head towards the location of Lake Mahagnao. After which, you can now have an outrageous personal glimpse of the Mahagnao National Park. As an enticing prelude to these very exhilarating tourists’ rendezvous, the National Park of Mahagnao, Leyte is blessed with the following natural gifts of Mother Nature. It has relaxing waterfalls, hot springs, numerous species of flora and fauna and a heavenly atmosphere that is really hard to forget. Meanwhile, the park’s wide and vast land area from which it is situated measures about 635 hectares.

Its historical conception all started in the year 1937; because of its primal and achievable aim of becoming one of the finest sites for ecotourism. From then on, the world-famous Mahagnao National Park in Leyte has been proclaimed as a national park by virtue of the laws and provisions which lawfully govern the National Integrated Area System, or otherwise known as the NIPAS of 1997. To provide you a brief rundown of Leyte’s Mahagnao National Park alongside with its most cherished natural treasures, here are some of its most beautiful features that will definitely make you to become an environmental advocate in your own special ways. Primarily, this intellectually-stimulating national park dearly possesses wide-opened and admirable craters, rocks and mud formations which come in different and vibrant colors. Aside from these awesome wonderlands of the Mahagnao National Park’s mystifying charms, it proudly welcomes everyone with those appealing and therapeutic orchids.

On the other hand, there are some legendary historians and travelers in those years which relatively alluded this point of interest as a blissful haven for mid-mountain forests. Therefore, it incredibly exudes some of the ultra-unique and out of this world bio-physical attributes which have made this impressive tourist destination even more popular to both foreign and local tourists alike; who eagerly flocks to Leyte once or twice a year. Additionally, if you are going to take a closer look at its enrapturing territorial boundaries you can immediately notice the striking presence of those volcano summits which are scientifically termed as andesitic. Impossible as it may seem, the latter serves as conduits to three pristine and crystal clear lakes and even a forest that falls under the category of a dipterocarp. Likewise, it is home to a volcano which is already extinct. Thus, it has an efficient and clean riverine system that has to be meticulously protected under the mantle of strict and viable environmental statuettes. Moreover, the complex and ever flourishing state of biodiversity is one of the most defining characterizations of this eternally attractive, National Park of Mahagnao, Leyte.

Based from the scientific studies which had been extensively conducted by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Region VII, its floral make up is immensely diversified to foster an expressive and versatile representation of all these species which would eventually metamorphose this tourist attraction into a colossal domicile of these rare species namely, the shrubs, vines, ferns, herbs, aerial plants and those trees that are genuinely aesthetic in its strictest sense.

Getting to Your Final Destination

Getting there at Leyte’s Mahagnao National Park entails a lot of resourcefulness, patience and an advance planning of your travel strategies to help you save your money, time and effort; especially for those first time travelers in the politically-inclined province of Leyte. To begin with, if you would be coming from Tacloban City, just freely choose those jeepneys which are regularly travelling from the city of Burauen. Furthermore, if there are some local voyagers who are fond of riding their motorcycles they can reach this place safely depending on the kind of traffic situation that they might encounter for that particular time of day.

More so, those people from Metro Manila should do some advance reservations for a regular flight going to Tacloban. Last but not the least,they always have the freedom to ride those buses which are carefully travelling down the road going to the city of Tacloban. By the way, these types of transportation had emanated from the different towns and cities in the Philippines.

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