The Majestic Splendor of Mount Arayat

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Pampanga is not only widely known as the Philippines’ Culinary Capital. This glorious and resplendent province is the serene and blissful home of the towering and vibrant Mount Arayat. As a whole, its totally impressive topography is remarkably characterized as as an extinct kind of stratovolcano in the Philippine Archipelago’s biggest island. In general, the highly-imposing byproduct of Mother Nature has a skyrocketing height of of 1,026 meters.

The towering beauty of Mount Arayat in Pampanga.

The towering beauty of Mount Arayat in Pampanga.

In terms of its location, the Arayat Mountain is geographically entrenched in a procumbented land that is typically used for agricultural purposes. Furthermore, the southern section of this popular tourist spot beautifully lies in the serene municipality with the same name. Accordingly, it was said to be one of God’s mystical creations. It was presumed to be the sacred abode of a beautiful and powerful fairy Mariang Sinukuan. Thus in those early days this mystifying mountain is composed of rice paddles Likewise, the uppermost part of Arayat Mountain has an orbicular-shaped volcanic crater which has an exact diameter of 1.2 kilometers. However, some its parts most particularly on its western side had unexpectedly collapsed over the years. On the other hand, its northern periphery had also suffered the same fate due to soil erosion. Consequently, it had caused a phenomenon which is commonly termed by geologists as a breached crater. If this happens to any type of landform, there would be an inevitable occurrence of a major landslip deposit. In effect, it would eventually result in a sand drifted terrain that will extensively reach the Arayat Volcano’s northwest and western sides. Meanwhile, this Arayat Stratovolcano in Pampanga is dubbed as the one and only White Rock of the Philippines. It is solely because of its post-eruption activities in the past.

Unbelievably, had no recorded cultural eruptions since its momentous and glorious sighting in the mesmerizing province of Pampanga. But, there is the dangerous presence of an enervated steaming which was necessitated by those vents that are unbearably eroded for so many years. These occurrences had mainly concentrated on the northwestern peak of this riveting Arayat Stratovolcano of the Philippines. Over the years, the abounding Arayat has delicately produced different types of rock which can be any of these. These are the Basalt and Andestite kinds of rock. Scientifically, these are the kinds of natural formation which possess predated ages of 0.53-0.63 million basalt years. As far as its mythological overview is concerned, it is believed that this mountain was at first located in a swamp which is found along the southern section of this gigantic natural resource in Pampanga.


The salient or emblematic features of Mount Arayat, Pampanga are so simple but magnificent in both topography and spiritual wisdom. Basically, this tourism wonder in the bosom of Central Luzon is explicitly blessed by the Supreme Being, with the following engrossing features that will definitely captivate any traveler’s attention as he or she had personally witnessed the concealed charisma of Arayat Mountain from a distance. First and foremost, its so-called pollular tip is about 986 meters above sea level. Therefore, if you and your adventurous peers wanted to have the most unforgettable surprise of your lives all you have to do is to do some brainstorming in order for your group to finalize your plans, on how to reach this splendiferous summit the moment that you are there.

The sprawling amenity of Mount Arayat National Park.

The sprawling amenity of Mount Arayat National Park.

Thus, you should make use of a long trail that is found in Arayat. But what seems to be the main feature of Pampanga’s Mount Arayat? It is nonetheless, the Mount Arayat National Park. This is the newest and most modernized national park in the vastness of Central Luzon. Briefly, the Mount Arayat National Park is considered as a world-class eco-tourism hub, according to the Department of Natural Resources. In addition, the soon to be popular national park will be named as the San Juan Bano recreational facility. Essentially, the prime developmental endeavors of this place aims to provide diverse sources of livelihood for those Kapampangan who are longing for a quality kind of life. Above all, this national park which is located at the lowest point of Mount Arayat is encouraging the public to protect, preserve and conserve the figmental tourism centerpiece of Pampanga. In retrospect, it has significantly transformed the lowly province of Pampanga into a kind of territory that is not only meant to serve good food but to be prestigiously characterized as a legendary and abundant bailiwick of the Cabalens, which knows how to dramatically transcend a mythological landform into a most attractive tourist destination that you must always include in your travel itineraries all over again.

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