The bewitching charm and beauty of Philippine Sea most particularly in the Visayas region has been more glorified with the natural and abundant endowment of a richly blessed archipelago that is captivatingly named as Malapascua Island. Actually, the majestic island of Malapascua is strategically situated just opposite a hollow strait from the northern end section of another equally mesmerizing archipelago, of Cebu Island. In terms of its administrative jurisdiction, this is an integral part of Barangay Logon insular, the progressive municipality of Daangbayan and the province of Cebu. Generally, it is a notable diving hub in the Philippines especially during the ‘90s decade. Previously, this much sought after archipelago was famous for its snowy white and sandy beaches which became the major reason why this sensational vacation paradise had been dubbed as the Bounty Beach.

The enthralling and calm waters of Malapascua Island.

The enthralling and calm waters of Malapascua Island.

Descriptively, this sparkling gem of the Visayan region is literally a small island which only approximately measures at least 1.6 miles, with a width of exactly one kilometer. Hence, Malapascua captivates every visitor with its rare and attractive corals and other amazing points of interests that will leave you breathless and engulfed with total satisfaction. Furthermore, the much cherished Malapascua Island is composed of other tourist destinations that splendidly present the beauty and wonders of the Philippines without biased exaggerations or whatsoever. Among these all-season tourist attractions are the Monad Shoal, the island of Gato and the fascinating Kemod Shoal. Economically, the Malapascua archipelago acts as the survival threshold of most natives who live peacefully near the exotic and relaxing crowning glory of the Visayas, In other words, tourism is their main economic centerpiece. Etymologically, Malapascua Island got its captivating and glorious name was creatively coined by the Spaniards whose flagship got unexpectedly stuck on this primitive archipelago on Christmas Day, which happened on the 25th of December 1520. Therefore, those stranded voyagers dubbed the place as Malapascua bad weather due to the sudden emergence of that extremely unfortunate incident. Meanwhile, its the much cherished Malapascua Island is composed of other tourist destinations that splendidly present the beauty and wonders of the Philippines without biased exaggerations or whatsoever. Among these all-season tourist attractions are the Monad Shoal, the island of Gato and the fascinating Kemod Shoal respectively.

Insofar as its historical legend about Malapascua that a tremendous miracle was manifested by the Virgen Delos Desamparados, To date, the said signs and wonders of God took place during the early days of the year 1890. Hence, the glamorous and dazzling island had beautifully transcended into a new image that will bring forth a new dimension to the ultimate description of an avant garde vacation of a lifetime. Therefore, the tourism industry has been given a new breadth of life and global prestige that would magnificently pave the way to the birth of an economically revitalized island ever since its ancient discovery. The Malapascua First Dive Resort was passionately built by Dic de Boer and his very supportive significant other, Cora. Historically, the first-ever dive resort in Malapascua became a reality in 1997. Its unique and enriching conception has beautifully coincided with the opening of its crowning glory which is widely known as Malapascua First Dive Resort. In brief a loving couple had perseveringly circumnavigated throughout the Philippine archipelago to conduct an extensive and comprehensive study on how to deal with their fondest dreams in making this country worth visiting. As they came across with a fascinating and engrossing article in the travel guide of Lonely Planet they had read about humble and mystical island, north of Cebu. Their first taste of Malapascua made them literally caught by surprise as everything that they had read and played with their visual imagination; finally came true. First and foremost, the First Dive Resort in Malapascua proudly boosts its tourism paradise and splendor with its finest tropical beaches that are endowed with the freshest turquoise colored waters.

From then on, the first ever dive resort in Malapascua opens its doors to millions of Filipino voyagers who had adjudged this tourist attraction in northern Cebu as the most conducive place to live in peace and comfort. The subtle elegance of this incredible vacation paradise only began with small numbers of cottages to stay in. Through the years, the De Boers had started to inquire from the locals about the marvelous waters surrounding the area. They got very excited when they knew about the huge sharks and those historic Japanese war debris around Malapascua. Further, these interesting chronicles had motivated the business minded couple to go back to the island and explore it to the hilt. Similarly, they brought along with them a tiny compressor. Also, they had intricately studied about the varying behaviors of attractive coral reefs. So, they had this very positive prognosis that Malapascua archipelago would soon be the greatest gift of God to mankind. Characteristically, Malapascua diving resort has one of the most revealing tourist attractions that no one can ever dare to compete in terms of its undisputed global reputation. This is popularly termed as the Monad Shoal. This particular tourist spot in the Malapascua is a internationally-acclaimed site for diving. It is an island that is oftentimes referred to as the sunken island. Did you know that it is basically the cleaning center of the friendly Thresher Sharks? On the other hand, these so-called Thresher Sharks are said to be so rare but they move too gracefully like ballet dancers. The Thresher Sharks of Monad Shoal in Malapascua are believed to be only visible during the wee hours of the morning. Going back, the aforementioned favorite diving destination of local and foreign divers alike it is cited in the international scene as the only site in the world where its visitors can have an up close and personal observation of those sharks which are only 25 meters deep. Aside from this well-loved tourist attraction, Dic and Cora Boers had unanimously come up with a very brilliant idea to create another elegant masterpiece which will be this time called the House Reef.

This tourist spot in Malapascua is a diving site which is approximately five meters apart from Malapascua. Among the best things to see in House Reef are as follows: Vibrant corals and sea grass that can be seen all over the underwater charisma of House Reef. Additionally, there are various kinds of fish creatures as well as a macro existence of marine life according to marine biologists.


As far as their accommodations are concerned, the Malapascua Dive Resort offers the most affordable and satisfying kinds of temporary havens that will truly leave you speechless for a couple of days or months. In a rundown, here are the most talked about luxurious rooms of your choice that will silently reveal your most distinctive personality without compromises. Below, are some of the royal accommodations that will undoubtedly let you feel like that you are never far from home. Some of these elegant rooms are randomly enumerated below.

  • The Go Pro Lodge
  • De Luxe Rooms
  • The Super De Luxe Rooms


The accommodation rates in Malapascua diving resort are so flexible according to your varying needs and budget. For instance, during the high peak season the Super De Luxe Room with an airconditioning unit only costs Php 4,450. However, when the low season sets in the Super De Luxe carries a price tag of Php 3,850. With all these very affordable prices, everyone will definitely get hooked on having a grand vacation galore in Malapascua Island.

Ultimately, Malapascua Island beautifully encapsulates the impressive envisage of beauty and elegance without saying a word.

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