God takes control of everything in this world we live in. We cannot interfere nor question His Divine Will. In the light of this very inspiring reality, let me tell you about a terrifying and inspiring story about a man who was in a comatose state wherein the doctors cannot do anything about his lifeless body. Previously, this poor victim had encountered a tragic accident. After that heartbreaking incident, he was immediately confined to the nearest hospital in their province. As days passed, the doctors had bitterly subjected the patient to several breathing apparatuses for his much needed manner of survival. But, God’s powerful hand amazingly intervened when there was no way out for Robert and his family.

In these days where there are amazing scientific breakthroughs are in our midst, miracles still do happen.

In these days where there are amazing scientific breakthroughs are in our midst, miracles still do happen.

One day, Robert (not his real name), had faced the most unbearable reality that he might not ever wake up again. The doctors frankly told his family that his life was really hanging by a thread. As this happens, his immediate family had decided to ask the doctors to remove those life support systems which kept him temporarily breathing for several days. Since these men and women, cannot resolve his medical dilemma no matter how brilliant they were, they bitterly agreed to the terms and conditions of the bereaved family. Again, God made them realize that He was indeed the greatest physician on the face of the earth.

Robert’s family brought his dead body to a mortuary, thinking that he was already in God’s caring hands. But, they got the most unbelievable surprise of their lives when his weak physical being suddenly moved as the frightened embalmer was about to inject some formalin on his neck. From that very terrifying moment, he was again brought to the local hospital where he was discharged a few minutes ago. When his physicians saw him alive, they were too dumbfounded. Currently, Robert is being critically observed because of his delicate condition. Miraculously, this man in a comatose state never relinquished his strong faith in the Lord most specially in the trying moments of his life.

In the final analysis, the author of this website would like to share two things in common. First, God answers all our prayers when everything seems to get out of hand, Second, His Divine Will is overwhelming till the end of time. Therefore, this man in a comatose condition was truly lucky because he would be given a new lease of life to gladly proclaim God’s majestic power regardless of time and space.


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