The plush and innovative Manchester Airport is on a red alert status after incidents of bomb scare in the area had been detected by authorities. As far as its precedent was concerned, an unidentified man was taken into police custody for making fun of those bomb threats. Also, there were military jets were summoned to escort a passenger plane which is expected to arrive in the said airport, Specifically, the Qatar Airway was escorted by the Royal Air Force. Apart from the hoax bomb threat, the pilot has received an information from an unidentified passenger of the said plane.

Manchester Airport is on a red alert status after a bomb scare.

Manchester Airport is on a red alert status after a bomb scare.

According to police reports, there were positive indications that there were lawless elements who are trying their peace to disturb the serenity and normal operations of Manchester Airport. As a result, there were authorities who boarded the plane from Doha, Qatar going to Airport Manchester. The plane that was boarded by was an Airbus A330-30. It has 269 passengers and 13 crew members. Due to these untoward incidents, the airport has resumed its normal operations at 14:00 BST. According to one of its passengers,

When the escort came it was very scary – I’m pretty shook up now.

Despite of this, the management of Qatar Airways had positively confirmed the safe landing of their aircrafts just like the QR23. As part of their precautionary measures, nine of their incoming flights were diverted to other airports. Likewise, the number of passengers were significantly reduced for safety reasons. In other developments, some of the passengers relatives were disgusted over such incidents. However, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Airport related inconveniences that sometimes happen just like in Manchester Airport are good signs of securing their passengers from harm notwithstanding all these not so good criticisms of other people.

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