There are many natural fruits which have so many health benefits for our overall well-being. Today, our chosen health article when it comes to superfoods will focus on the numerous health advantages of mangosteen. Scientifically, this truly delectable and nutritious fruit is otherwise known as Garcinia Mangostana. Descriptively, this is categorically classified as an evergreen and tropical tree which is said to have emanated from the vast and splendid country of Indonesia.

The delicious and appetizing mangosteen fruit has lots of health benefits for our overall wellness.

The delicious and appetizing mangosteen fruit has lots of health benefits for our overall wellness.

Due to its increasing demand over the years, it has been made available in other countries like Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. Did you know that the purple-colored mangosteen is widely known as The Queen of Tropical Fruits in the Orient? Compositely, it is mainly composed of three major parts namely: The deep purple rind, its white flesh and some seeds which are gathered around its appetizing flesh. Meanwhile, its seeds are bitter in taste while its flesh has been endowed with a soft fragrance that you will dearly appreciate. Medically, it has become an integral part of the daily health regimen of those early people during the onset of the 18th century. Astonishingly, this fruit is a multifarious natural resource.

Simply because, almost all of its parts can be effectively used to treat different kinds of disorders and illnesses. Primarily, its polyphenol compounds which are being referred to as xanthones are divided into two parts. These are the alpha mangosteen and gamma mangosteen. Meanwhile, mangosteen’s xanthones have several derivatives which are found to be effective in treating cardiovascular problems. Remarkably, these antioxidants revitalizes those human body cells which have been deliberately damaged by free radicals. Significantly, this fruit is very low in calories. It only has 63 calories per 100 grams. Best of all,it has no saturated fats. Likewise, it is rich in dietary fibers and Vitamin C.

As far as its folate content is concerned, it plays a vital role in building up new cells. In addition, a single serving of mangosteen increases your red blood cells and is best in fighting anemia. For your severe chest pains, this is highly recommended by Chinese doctors. Unbelievably, it can cure cataracts and other visual problems that you might have. It is of course, due to its high Vitamin C levels.

Moreover, if any of your family member is suffering from tuberculosis just make this amazing fruit to become one of his or her daily supplements. The major reason for this is that it has antibacterial properties and this wonder fruit boosts a patient’s immune system gradually. Last but not the least, its high dose of copper, manganese and zinc can regulate one’s blood pressure with ease. Truly, mangosteen is a superfruit that we should not live without.

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