Manila Mayor Erap Estrada Safeguards Public Documents

| June 17, 2014 | 0 Comments

Public and authenticated documents are precious gateways of every Filipino citizen to attain the best things in life. But most of the time, there are some who deliberately falsify pertinent papers for the love and sake of money. As result, Manila Mayor Joseph Erap Estrada is personally facilitating those numerous and legal crackdowns against those syndicates who are behind these illegal operations of forging public documents such as passports, diplomas, bank accounts and the likes. To begin with, the former Chief Executive of the Philippines has made an exceptional scheme to put specific security seals on this legal and binding pieces of important papers to ensure that longstanding problem of forgery will soon be over.

Joseph Estrada with Isko Moreno

Manila Mayor Joseph Erap Estrada ensures his constituents that he will crackdown forgery in his jurisdiction.

Similarly, Manila Mayor Erap Estrada has sincerely that he will see to it that police visibility will never be a problem in Recto and all other major thoroughfares in Manila. Therefore, these fly by night forgers will never come back again in the city where no one is above the law.

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