There is an enthralling tourist attraction in the country today that will intellectually engulf kids and adults alike in awe and endless thrills after they have visited the marvelous and out of this world tourist destination, which is simply named as the Manila Ocean Park. This particular amusement and recreation facility is exclusively owned by China Oceanis Philippines, which is actually a formidable subsidiary of the China Oceanis Incorporated. It is a former and duly-licensed firm of Singapore which is currently operating and extensively managing an estimated number of four huge and innovative oceanariums in China. What is Manila Ocean Park? It was brilliantly conceived to build its first-ever oceanarium five years ago.

The awesome aquatic feature at Manila Ocean Park.

The awesome aquatic feature at Manila Ocean Park.

Specifically, its vast and colorful feature is fascinatingly composed of six mystifying and colossal sections that have their very own unique purposes of enhancing and exploring the underwater world of the Philippines even for just a couple of hours without traveling to those mesmerizing and most cherished provinces of the archipelago. Generally, here are some of the most unique and explorative sections of MOP. The first one is Living Water. Based on documented and official sources, this is the main attraction in the Manila Ocean Park which has been equipped with a long passageway of 25 meters which will lead all those curious spectators to an amazing tunnel which was fashionably enhanced with acrylic made walls. Incidentally, this was patterned after countless marine life attractions in some parts of the globe like the Hong Kong Ocean Park, Singapore’s Underwater World and the Siam Ocean World of Bangkok, Thailand. Speaking of its imminent difference from all its tourism gem counterparts, The Buhay na Karagatan has a 220- degree curvaceous tunnel whereas its initial prototypes had only a 180 degree curved- shaped tunnel.

The next one is no other than but what they refer to as a Fishing Ground. This death defying section of the oceanarium has a fish that is indescribably large, alongside with eagle-spotted rays which are carefully enclosed in a very long aquatic tank. More so, Agos is an artificial rainforest, which has a total of 8 tanks of freshwater fish. Likewise, there’s Pating. This portion of the oceanarium, features the different types of sharks that are almost rare to find in the world. Aside from these awesome highlights, it has as an aquatic musical fountain. It is cited to as the Philippines’ tallest musical fountain which is proudly a first genial marine creation across the globe. The aquatic musical fountain measures about 120 meters high and is considered to be the biggest laser and water show which has 1,600 nozzles of water, special sci-fi effects and musical lights, which are magnificently accompanied by a heartwarming musical performance. Moreover, the Marine Life Habitat is all about the wildest and well-loved performances of those adorable sea lions that you have never seen before in your whole lifetime. This feature of MOP only opened in September in the year 2010. Also, you can see for your-self a Marine Themed Mall which is another first in Asia has gigantically introduced itself in the country by having 25 cozy restaurants which generously cater to your limitless gastronomic desires.

Meanwhile, the Open Water Marine Habitat is specially intended for water adventurers because it has a wide and crystal-clear swimming pool with complete diving facilities where they could have the pleasure of doing these recreational activities like diving and snorkelling. However, if you want to imaginatively travel to Antartica, Ocean Park in Manila will take you where you should be. Descriptively, it has the following spine-chilling sections that you must dare to see and explore without spending a fortune. These are: a Penguin Exhibit, Slide O‘Fun and Snowy Village which were exorbitantly established to titillate the aesthetic visuals of people with those artificially made snows, to give each and everyone a vivid idea of how a snowy covered place looks like during the advent of the Yuletide Season. The Penguin Exhibit logically features those cute swimming penguins which are truly relaxing whenever you have a wandering glimpse of those lovable cold blooded creatures. As for the Slide O’ Fun it has been furnished with long and winding slides where both adults and children can have the most unforgettable sleighing activities that they have never dreamed of. In the Snow Village, there is a photo room where immense snows are seen so as to make its guests to be filled with ecstatic forms of inexpressible snow adventures and a lot more.


MOP will dynamically change your ultimate dining experience because there are lots of delicacies that you can widely choose from. There is the sumptuous seafood galore; and those quick but appetizing meals for those guests who have active lifestyles. In other words, the excellent conglomerations of exquisite and mouthwatering flavors are easily found in these exotic restaurants. To name a few we have Makan- Makan Asian Food, Gerry’s Grill, Do Eat Cotton Candy and Pinoys Delights. But for certified nocturnals, offers their sensational Liquid Pool and Lounge Hotel, H2O Club Lounge and White Moon Bar. Descriptively, the Liquid Pool and Lounge Hotel as well as this mind boggling H2O Club Lounge feature the most popular acoustic performances of the Philippines’ world-class Filipino bands all night long.


The admission fee at MOP range from Php 350.00-400.00 pesos. For their other forms of recreation, their fees will vary depending on the type of package that you will most likely avail. They have the Child Rate, Deep Sea Rush 6, Sea Breeze Express and the Pacific Sky Wonder. Just to give you a bird’s eye view of their prices, The first package has a free of charge adventure parcel, if you have decided to avail of its two-feet and below package. However, for 2 feet and beyond, the prices of these leisure packages begin from Php 500.00 to Php 700.00.

How to Get There

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In essence, the Manila Ocean Park is the summit of an amusement and recreational hub which gladly takes tourists in a complex and yet an enlightening prelude of an interactive kind of educational enrichment; which goes beyond the conventional approach of theoretical learning that most of us had grown up with prior to the beginning of the Enlightenment Age.


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