Filipino boxing ring legend Manny Pacquiao, is more inspired to prove that he still has the invincible fighting power that he used to have during his younger days. This is his latest response to his very confident nemesis in the person of Timothy Bradley, who remains to be optimistic that he can beat the kindhearted lawmaker from Saranggani through his incredible fighting skills and a very remarkable boxing record of 31 wins, no loses and 12 knockouts. Along this point of contention, Pacquiao has nothing more to say, but this.

The more he says that, the more he inspires me to show the hunger and killer instinct he’s talking about. It’s good for me but not for him I think


On the other hand, Manny Pacquiao’s impressive boxing record bears the following: He has a total of 55 wins, 2 draws, and 38 knockouts. With these equally-domineering points of comparison, it would really be another exciting pound for pound match come April 12, 2014 as they both aspire to win the American World Boxing Organization Welterweight belt in Las Vegas.

Actually, this is a rematch between Pacquiao and Bradley after the latter won over him via a controversial split decision sometime in June of 2012. To spice things up, the most brilliant boxing coach of Pacquiao which is no less than Freddie Roach has further commented

You don’t get mad. It’s part of life. Revenge is great. That’s what we have a chance to do here. If everything goes right we will knock this guy out


According to Freddie Roach, Pacquiao is now in a more relaxed and composed state as compared to his previous tactical strategies most especially in the first few rounds of the match. Freddie Roach futher commented:

We don’t go into fights looking for knockouts. If they come they come. We’re planning to beat him every round. If you try to knock the guy out you will be waiting all night.

Going back to Pacquiao, he said that he never got mad at the judges who sealed in the victory for Bradley two years ago. He even had kind words for them by saying,

No one is perfect in this world. Sometimes they make mistakes. I wasn’t bothered after that fight when I went home. The reaction of the people was not negative, it was positive. They thought I won the fight.


Will Manny Pacquiao exceptionally prove that age does not really matter on top of the ring? In the event that he loses, will he already entertain the thoughts of retiring from the sport that made him what he is now? On the part of Timothy Bradley, will he bitterly have a dose of his own medicine? Let us all find out in April 12, 2012 as they go up against each other without fear.

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