Manny Pacquiao Thinks Floyd Mayweather Loves Him

Manny thinks that Floyd loves him due to the many hugs he received during their fight.

Many boxing fans who watch the fight of the century between Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather noticed that Floyd always runs away from Pacquiao and that he kept on hugging him whenever he gets punched by Manny. When Manny Pacquiao was asked how did he felt about this while inside the ring, the Filipino boxing superstar said that whenever he throws a punch Floyd does runs away. He also added in a gesture that he thinks Floyd Mayweather loves him because he kept on hugging him.

Interviewer : We are seeing lots of Filipinos commenting on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook that Floyd always hugs you and keeps on running away inside the ring. Can you clear out if that gave you a problem during the fight?

Manny Pacquiao : When I started to throw lots of punches he goes everywhere.

Interviewer : Yeah when he gets hurt, he really hugs you.

Manny Pacquiao : I think he loves me already

Manny Pacquiao’s charisma and sense of humor is all natural. Despite loosing the fight to his long time rival Floy Mayweather, the Filipino champ has no traces of bitterness in his heart. Though he had a shoulder injury two weeks before their fight, he didn’t made it as an excuse. He accepted his defeat though he admitted that he was not in his 100% that night because he can’t use his right arm to throw power punches.

The fight of the century is now over and even though Mayweather have won the fight, the crowd were booing him due to a lousy performance which didn’t met their expectations. Pacquiao admitted that he wants a rematch, a second chance to fight if Floyd would want to.

My take on this is that Floyd won’t accept the challenge since he has already won and wouldn’t take the risk of ruining his 48-0 boxing career. Unfortunately for Floyd, despite winning, boxing fans as well as analysts still does not consider him as the greatest boxer of his era. Floyd should reevaluate his tactics and style of fighting if he wants to be remembered as a true champ. For Manny, we salute you for giving your best and as always, you are still the People’s Champ!

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