The colossal and historic boxing ring of MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada will once again become a silent witness to a heart pounding boxing rematch between the Philippines’ “Pound for Pound King”, Congressman Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley which would somehow settle the issue of who really is the “Best Fighter of All-Time in the history of an international fist of fury engagement? Indeed, the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley 2 encounter will create lots of diverse notions and opinions with respect to these eminent areas of concern: Age, physical agility and popularity. According to a WBA super middleweight champion, Andrew Williams, this forthcoming spectacle of guts and tactical prowess between these two equally-famous boxing legends in their own right might be considered as the biggest blunder for Top Rank honcho Bob Arum, because in this most crucial duel between Pacquiao vs Bradley 2, the latter might beat the most sensational lawmaker of General Santos City due to his past and unforgettable fight with TM several years back.

Pacquiao vs Bradley 2

Will Manny Pacquiao ever maintain his speed and agility above the ring, as he seals a much awaited boxing rematch with Timothy Bradley on April 12, 2014?

In context, here’s what Ward had to say about Bradley. I feel he [Bradley] has the desire that can’t be denied and he has the intangibles that you can’t put your finger on what he has,” Ward said to On the Ropes Boxing Radio. “I think he’s willing to go to whatever places he needs to go to not lose…so I got to go with Tim on that.” On the other side of the story, Arum had favored Bradley over other boxers to fight Pacquiao because he is a much lesser dangerous nemesis of Manny above the ring. unlike a Russian boxer whose name is Ruslan Provodnikov. Therefore, he will not bring forth a very lethal physical destruction to the overall being of the former baker in General Santos.

On the contrary, many notable boxing analysts just like the Recah Trinidad of the Philippines have said time and again that the presumptuous and overconfident Timothy Bradley must be vigilant enough because the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley 2 rematch can be considered as a “mismatch scenario” as far as the arena of monetary merchandising is concerned. Likewise, Bradley had described MP as a “faded superstar of which the Visayan lawmaker will undoubtedly prove otherwise, when they finally meet eye to eye on April 12. Ultimately, Timothy Bradley had bluntly commented that his supposedly most fiercest opponent is “slowly deteriorating”to the very least.

Speaking of the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley 2 press conference, it seemed that the fight is almost over in the mind of a much younger opponent by saying that he can surely bring home the bacon after a few rounds. Needless to say, Manny Pacquiao has to make it certain that he must give Bradley a dose of his own medicine to settle this longstanding issue of being alluded to as a faded superstar. In the final analysis, both of these fighters must not dare to forget that in any battle, there has to be a winner and a loser and to give their best to bring honor and pride to their respective countries. Who do you think will win in this upcoming re-match?

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