The most incredible mechanism for procreation is a man’s sperm. Essentially, this physiological component dynamically prove one’s virility for a lifetime. Therefore, it is the most incredible way of God to show and establish the role of procreation in making men more responsible physically and spiritually. But, did you know that there is a unique person who has openly divulged that he donates his sperm for free to childless women across the world the naturally way? In fact, he has a total of 98 children since 2002. Therefore, he has been adjudged as the most virile man in the world. Ed Houben, a European had said time and again that as long as his strict requirements are met, he will be your baby maker. He even said in a jest, that he has a total of 100 million sperms.

Ed Houben, is the World's Legendary Baby Maker

Ed Houben, is the World’s Legendary Baby Maker

Initially, Houben’s sperm was donated in a local clinic in Netherlands. Upon discovering that there was indeed a huge need and market for a man’s sperm, a brilliant idea to do it the natural way had entered his mind. Among his growing number of clients are heterosexual couples who have fertility difficulties, lesbians and those unattached women who just wanted to have a child of their own for free. Comparatively, sperm banks normally charge at around 5,000 pounds. Insofar as his requirements are concerned, he actually prefers his clients to see him personally in his residence at Maastricht.

However, there are times when he opts for a different meet up arrangement most particularly if a woman is already fertile. Also, his prospect should be more than willing to pay for his travel fares and hotel accommodations. Prior to the consummation of the sexual act itself, the client has to sign a waiver which clearly state the following: First, there should be no financial support that would be involved in the future. Second, a woman has to show a medical certificate that she does not have any STD to definitely ensure that he will not get infected in the long run

Unbelievably, this man’s sperm had been to Holland, Italy, France and even New Zealand. In addition, his 98th child was specially meant for a nurse who has even traveled as far as Houston before meeting this fascinating baby maker. As much as possible, he does not let his emotions to get involved in dealing with his clients. In this respect, he says,

You have to find a balance between having these feelings of being so many times a father but also that it’s no use clamoring for that because that’s not what you promised the parents.

Aside from being a baby maker for free, he is also a jack of all trades. He is a tourist guide, manager and a tourist trainer rolled into one. During his college days, he took up a training course for mentors with a major in History.

In essence, this website does not have any right to judge this very intellectual baby maker. After all, this man’s sperm provides happiness to childless couples as well as those single women who do not desire to get married at all.

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