The sacred temple of man is inherently born as innocent and fragile in the real sense of the word. But, as his naive characteristics fades away against time and space, there seems to be lots of complexities in his temporal existence which probably test his tenacity and faithfulness within the sacred bounds of his Holy covenant between him and His loving Creator; who loves him so much without any string attached. Therefore, where is man’s spirituality going to after this excruciating life on earth? Logically, no one knows the answer but Him alone. This Season of Lent, have we ever asked our-selves on what are we going to renew and further strengthen our spiritual life to the fullest extent? Well, allow this simple website of ours to let you know that it is never too late to transform our spirituality into something as white as a snow. Thus, the enriching spirituality of man is all about a never ending process of doing good towards others, your family, friends and God.

In Jesus Christ, every sinner matters a lot.

In Jesus Christ, every sinner matters a lot.

Three Essential Ways to Nourish Man’s Spirituality

This Holy Week, let us place ourselves in the peacefulness and sanctified presence of our Lord by doing these three easy steps in making the most remarkable transformations that you have never done before in your entire life. Remember these constantly within the depths of your heart and soul. It is because God does not change for each and everyone of us, He is so good and faithful all the time. So, why not try to:

  • Read and meditate on His sacred words even for just a couple of days?- Nowadays, millions of people make it daily habit to open their social media accounts. But, did they ever find the pleasure of reading God’s words and talk to Him like as if He is there beside you in flesh and blood? Look no further. He is just waiting for you to sign in.
  • Give some time to those people who needed you the most.- During your Lenten break, why not lend an ear to your friends and loved ones whom you have neglected due to your busy skeds? God is calling on you to be with them and make these persons feel that they are being loved and treated as special just like you in the Lord’s watchful eyes.
  • Do a little sacrifice.- It does not matter what it would be. The most important thing here, is that you know what sacrifice really means. Just a piece of advice. Will you be happier enough, if God will ask you to turn off your mobile phone even for just a day?

To wrap up, a man’s blissful spirituality is like a bejeweled piece of jewelry. It does not fade because it is a genuine reflection of God’s lasting image in us. Second, a man’s spirituality is like a bird that never gets tired of finding its finest haven. Lastly, his spiritual life might be heading for an uncertain sojourn. But one thing is for sure, he can never go wrong if he will only seek God today, tomorrow and during his last race in this life where everything has to end in His sweetest time.

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