Mar Roxas: The Next Philippine President?

| September 13, 2014 | 3 Comments

The presidential elections of 2016 is barely two years from now. But Malacanang has not yet decided on the matter of its official endorsement as far as the highest position of the land is concerned. Palace insiders have hinted though that President Benigno III will undoubtedly anoint DTI Secretary Mar Roxas because Aquino and Roxas proudly belong to the same political party which is nonetheless the Liberal Party. However, the Chief Executive had said that he had not yet endorsed his former running mate in the upcoming presidential race. On that note, some political analysts have keenly observed that Mar Roxas might not be the most competent one for Aquino’s remarkable criteria for the much coveted seat in Malacanang.

Should DTI Secretary Mar Roxas be endorsed by P-Noy as the next Philippine President?

Should DTI Secretary Mar Roxas be endorsed by P-Noy as the next Philippine President?

However, there are some LP members who are definitely expecting that Roxas is the man to best in 2016 against all odds. Meanwhile, President Aquino passionately desires that whoever would be the lucky one, he is expected to continue the various social reforms that were instituted by Aquino after he had returned to much sought after private life. In relation to this, Aquino has wittingly bragged the profile overview of his administration by saying that his much favored incumbent is a result of a collective effort. Consequently, he ardently wants the next president to undergo the same political process and orchestrations as he had troded after his term expires in 2016.

Even if Secretary Mar Roxas will win the heart and soul of the President, several political analysts have noted that he has to work double time and extremely hard at that to make him a more viable choice as the next Philippine President after 2016. Simply because, the recent SWS survey results have positively reflected that VP Binay has the edge over Roxas in terms of satisfaction ratings.

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  1. Gerri says:

    I will go for Duterte not Mar Roxas

  2. Jopet says:

    Duterte walang katapat sa pagka pangulo yan

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