The historic EDSA Revolution of 1986, has made the powerful Marcos clan to be negatively painted as autocratic and somehow, an influential family who had caused the Philippine economy to suffer the most bitter setback that it had become after 1965. Whatever, they had done for almost two decades, only fate and destiny can fairly judge them in time. On their side of the story, the Marcos clan never plundered the economy. Instead, the elder Marcos was able to transform the Philippines with a much competitive national economy next to Singapore above anything else.

Marcos Clan

The historically renowned Marcos clan, is set for the presidency years from now after their bitter political downfall.

Thus, they even strongly defended the declaration of Martial Law as a major political agenda to restore peace and order in those turbulent years of the so-called First Quarter Storm. During a not so flamboyant 85th birthday celebration of former First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos, she never denied the fact that she arduously desires for a triumphant homecoming to Malacanang. The Iron Butterfly of the Philippines had only a single wish on her most special day.

My only wish is for God to give me a little more strength to prolong my life.

Furthermore, she said.

I still have a vision and hope to bring more help to the Filipino people.

As far as their much anticipated return to the Palace, the ever-beautiful Imelda Marcos said that Senator Ferdinand Bongbong Marcos is exceptionally qualified for that highest political position in the land. Meanwhile, Senator Bongbong Marcos had done so much for their province in Batac, Ilocos Norte. Among these were: The establishment of the splendid Windmills of the North, various schools and other infrastructure projects, scholarship programs and so more.

Also, in a rare television interview, the extremely influential Marcos clan is planning to publish the original and unedited manuscripts of the late president to let the newest generation of Filipinos of knowing the real ex-president Ferdinand Edralin Marcos. Ultimately, the good senator wants to vindicate his family name through these classic and timeless memoir of his deposed father.

Two years from now, the Philippines is at helm once again of finding her-self a new leader who will truly care for the restoration of a politically sound social structure and a kind of economy that is equal and just to every Filipino. Now, will millions of Filipinos echoingly shout again, Marcos, Marcos, clan, still? Let us all wait and see.

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    who are the marcos’ children?

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