The Venus-like beauty of the Sexiest Woman in the Philippines, has never never faded despite of her busy and hectic working schedules. Maria Rivera had set up the stage on fire during the star-studded celebration of FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the Philippines for this year. Speaking of this momentous occasion, Rivera beautifully wore a red-colored Native- American inspired costume. Prior to this event, Marian was able to garner more than 13 million votes to be able to win the much coveted title three times.

Aside from her gorgeous beauty and brilliance, there were other gorgeous girls who were there to personally witness one of the most memorable events of the year. These were: Alice Dixson, Rochelle Pangilinan and Sam Pinto. In other developments, Alice Dixson was also among the crowd favorites during that night of beauty, glamour and prestige. Although she will already turn 45 this July 28, the mystifying allure of Dixson continues to shine without a shadow of a doubt. For this particular event, she wore a pink colored dress that will definitely make the adrenalin of men to rise up whenever Alice Dixson did her thing onstage. Meanwhile, among the other celebrities who graced this lavish and outrageous event are the following: Ruffa Mae Quinto Rochelle Pangilinan and Ehra Madrigal to name a few.

Marian Rivera on FHM Party

Marian Rivera on FHM Party

Going back to Marian Rivera, it can be recalled that she once said that all successes are nonsense if there is no one to love you back unconditionally. Likewise, she said that this prestigious title will not change her a bit no matter what happens. On a personal level, Marian Rivera engages nowadays in beautifying her-self through various kinds of exercises. Similarly, she really never expected the title to be coveted by her once more.

Despite of being the Sexiest Woman of the Philippines, Marian Rivera does not forget to help the less fortunate by being a benefactor to many charitable institutions just like the GMA Kapuso Foundation. Her love life is so ideal and worth emulating. Simply because, her boyfriend Dingdong Dantes is very much supportive of all her endeavors in life.

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