Growing a year older, takes something back to those times when everything seems too easy to manage and live by. On the 10th day of November 2014, the historic and glorious Marine Corps had momentously celebrated its 239th birthday. In its fluvial and joyous celebration, General Alexander Vandegrift, their 18th Commandant had meaningfully written his heartwarming message for his beloved Marine Corps which said.

A Birthday is a fitting time to peer backward – and forward. That year, Marines reflected on an extraordinary year in combat during their amphibious drive across the Pacific. Despite the challenges and the horrific conditions, Marines prevailed at Guam, Saipan, and Peleliu. On 10 November 1944, Marines looked back with pride on their accomplishment – confident in their ability to meet future challenges.

Every November 10th of each year, the Marine Corps celebrates its most fluvial birthday.

Every November 10th of each year, the Marine Corps celebrates its most fluvial birthday.

Looking back, it was in 2004 when the Marines were deployed to Al Anbar Province, Iraq. Despite all the hardships that they had been through all these years, the whole group of the ever dependable Marine Corps had celebrated its most cherished day in different places such as Al Qaim, Fallujah and Ramadi respectively; notwithstanding the dangerous reality that they were all in a war zone in the name of justice, freedom and truth. In that same year, the courageous Marine Corps has quickly responded to a devastating crisis in the Pacific region. This was after a frightening tsunami has gravely gripped the vast territory without a warning. During the course of that tragic incident, it had claimed an estimated casualty of about 200,000 people more or else.

Through the years, it is nice to reminisce all those things which had remarkably made the Marines to be proud of their accomplishments. As a result, their burning passion to serve in all sincerity and nobility have strongly instilled in them to be much stronger and goal driven to bravely face those future challenges ahead of them. Now, the distinguished Marine Corps is 239 years old. However, it has not changed its warfare tactics as they head toward Afghanistan. In their previous peacekeeping assignments, they have been given a once in a lifetime opportunity to serve the Philippines, South Sudan, Iraq and even the former Gaddafi stronghold, Libya. Speaking of their logistics and armaments, their selfless organization has flawlessly learned on how to adopt to this ever changing world of social progress and development.

Therefore, millions of people around the world are optimistically expecting the Marine Corps to be as formidable as it was before. In so doing, the fate and destiny of any given nation will undoubtedly be safe, peaceful and secure against those selfish conquerors and oppressors who are out there to destroy the pompous and functional socio-political landscape of a nation just to perpetuate their monstrous desires to rule this world without love and respect.

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