There is no way out for Mother Nature when it comes to those mysterious diseases, which severely affect the precious marine treasures of Mother Earth. According to marine biologists, the Washington State is allegedly running out of those sea stars most specially in the Pacific Coast. which make our underwater environment more colorful. Likewise, sea star limbs are falling off literally like comets in our solar system. For the past several years, students, scientists and environmentalists have noticed that there are noticeable changes that have occurred insofar as these creatures are concerned.

This cute and humble sea star slowly dwindles because of a marine epidemic in the Pacific Coast.

This cute and humble sea star slowly dwindles because of a marine epidemic in the Pacific Coast.

Unexpectedly, there are sea stars which are littering in the vastness of the sea coast. As a result, they have presumed that the star wasting syndrome is on the loose. According to Charlie Seablom,

It’s really sad to see animals like that die off…. I just hope they find the cause and then maybe a cure before they’re all gone.

Charlie Seabom is an active volunteer of the Island County Beach Watchers. Accordingly, virginal marine areas have sea star limbs which are falling although they are preserved and well-taken care of and preserved at the same time. In the same manner, the dreaded Pacific Coast and its marine scientists extremely puzzled with respect to this alarming ecological dilemma in our modern world today. In addition, another concerned citizen has said,

This is an unprecedented event.

Despite of this, this marine genocide is presumably triggered by other factors such as pollution, temperature change and radiation. Of course, bacterial and viral causes are also some of the things that should not be disregarded. It is very devastating to note and realize that we are gradually losing what God has wholeheartedly given us. Hoping someday our dear and dynamic marine biologists will be able to resolve this marine epidemic in the Pacific Coast, the soonest.

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