Mark Gil Dies of Liver Cancer

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Veteran dramatic actor Mark Gil died of liver cirrhosis at the age of 52. The family said that the debonair actor had always wanted to conceal his real medical condition from the press, fans and avid supporters due to personal reasons. He was diagnosed with terminal a case of liver cirrhosis in June 2012. In real life, he was born with a beautiful and captivating name as Raphael Joseph de Mesa Eigenmann.

Dramatic and multi-awarded actor Mark Gil died of liver cancer, He was 52.

Dramatic and multi-awarded actor Mark Gil died of liver cancer, He was 52.

He is the son of another veteran actor Eddie Mesa and actress Rosemarie Gil. Among his best films, were Batch 81 and Magnifico where he won a prestigious acting award. Based on the heartbreaking statement of his immediate family,

It was Ralph’s request that this should not be revealed, and we did not question his decision. To those who have asked us about his condition, especially his colleagues, the press and fans, we apologize for not being forthright, but we also ask for understanding.

On September 25, he would have been 53 years old. He is survived by his loving wife, Maricar Jacinto Eigenmann and his children Stephanie Cheri and five other kids from his previous romantic involvements. Mark Gil happily spent his last days in the sweetest company of his beloved family and closest friends. Further, the Eigenmann’s said of Mark.

Ralph spent his last days in comfort and in no pain. In fact, he was in good spirits and humor, and enjoying the presence of his entire family. Even then, he was still bringing us together, as he always has, and we are now all complete. Until the very end, he was a warrior. Ralph faced death with courage and grace, while still bringing laughter to the room. That was his gift: the ability to make those around him better. Ralph had told us that he only wanted to spend and cherish the remaining precious days of his life in the company of his family and closest friends. He also wished that we be allowed to grieve his passing in private.

Nevertheless, they wholeheartedly thanked all those people who had supported Mark Gil during his 30-year stint in Philippine Showbiz. In his memory, a joyous event will be held at the La Salle Greenhills Chapel on Wednesday at 10 A.M. to honor and celebrate the life and times of the one and only Mark Gil.

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