Marriage Success Tips from Manilyn Reynes

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The glitter and glamour of celebrity marriages in local showbiz soon fade as years passed. It is a common knowledge that their unsuccessful marital unions are primarily caused by several factors such as lack of time, nasty rumors about romantic involvements, financial insecurities and the likes. However, not all famous celebs in the Philippines have the same cycles of marriage problems or conflicts. Yes, you heard it right. Manilyn Reynes, a former teen sensation is very much happy and fulfilled with hubby Aljon Jimenez. In fact, they have been together for almost 18 years now. But of course, theirs was not a perfect one.

Celebrity couple Manilyn Reynes and Aljon Jimenez enjoys a blissful marriage for 18 years now.

Celebrity couple Manilyn Reynes and Aljon Jimenez enjoys a blissful marriage for 18 years now.

Nevertheless, they are able to handle their marital conflicts with so much ease. The subsequent sections will excitingly reveal the top marriage secret tips of Manilyn which makes her the happiest woman on earth. According to her, it is very important for a couple to resolve their differences all at once. She gladly shares that they never let a night pass without fixing their petty fights and issues.

Secondly, it is also so essential to listen to your partner and vice-versa. If your man talks, you have to listen. Third, married couples should learn how to respect each other. Next, Manilyn Reynes says that you must sincerely admit your mistakes if you are at fault. The word sorry has no gender involved. To make your marriage work through the years, it is very necessary that you have to keep your pride and ego on guard. More so, true love is all about supporting each other. In her case, her sweet Aljon always tells her time and again that if she is not comfortable with certain roles she would rather not do it at all.

These simple to do simple tips from Manilyn Reynes on how to have a successful marriage should be happily done by both parties, coupled with tender love and care; with God at the center of your relationship. In so doing, you will be unexpectedly rewarded with the best and ideal family in the world.

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