My active and busy day is more exciting if I have an ounce of refreshing Coca Cola. This provides me with a kind of adrenalin as if there is no much time left. At my age, this refreshing beverage continues to captivate my fancy when I have amazingly read that it is more than just a refreshing soda. In fact, its safe and effective uses have never left my creative imagination, while I was writing this interesting article.

Coca Cola.

Coca Cola.

First, if you have bugs and snails in your garden, you can easily kill them by putting a small bowl of Coke in your garden or flowerbeds. The secret? It is the lingering aroma of Coke which will attract them. After they had drunk the acidity of this delectable beverage, these pests will be gone forever. Use it to defrost your windshield. Pour it across the said object. Wait for a few minutes. You will unbelievably notice that the ice will become a slush for to remove them easily. Use it as well with burnt pans. Just pour it on the pan and simmer for a while. The said mess will be easily removed. You can soak in other items if you want, to remove scale build up. If you have a car, you can remove bugs from its windshield by getting a clean cloth and rub it across the windshield. Have you ever wondered that it can effectively remove some rust out of your car? Here’s how do it. All you have to do is to crumple the tinfoil. Then, dip it in your fave Coca Cola. You can remove stains with just a dab of this versatile thirst quencher. Among these are grease stains, those from fabrics and the likes.

Also, you can easily get rid of oil stains from cements. Here’s how. You must soak the stain for a few minutes and then wash it off with water. As a topical remedy, just pour some small amount of it when you are suddenly stinged by a deadly jellyfish. Do you want your car to be efficient? Clean your car’s engine with some Coke. In cooking your favorite dish, make use of it as a tenderizer. Meanwhile, your valuable but tarnished coin will look as new if you will try the amazing Coke to easily remove the coin stains. Make your tiles be much cleaner with the magical drops of Coke. Let it be that way for a few minutes, then you wipe the tiles with a clean and soft cloth. If you happen to have a gum on your hair, dip it in a small amount of Coke. Let it be that way for a few minutes. Then, when it breaks you can now wipe it off. Indeed, Coca Cola turns my world upside down.


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