Some say, that love and life are not always beds of roses. There are inevitable trials that every romantic couple has to go through. But, this is not the case for Matteo Guidicelli and singer/actress Sarah Geronimo. These lovebirds are so much in love with one another and Guidicelli wants to help her girlfriend what real life is all about outside the complex world of Philippine Showbiz.

Filipino actor Matteo Guidicelli wants to show Sarah Geronimo life's real meaning.

Filipino actor Matteo Guidicelli wants to show Sarah Geronimo life’s real meaning.

At present, Sarah Geronimo is much happier now that she has a boyfriend whom she calls as Love. Meanwhile, she is very much grateful to her amiable and patient beau because he treats his girl as special as his own life. Just the same, Matteo says that he will never stop from courting Sarah ‘s loving parents, because of great and undying love for Sarah Geronimo.

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  1. eine says:

    I hope that matteo and sarah have a strong relationship

    • Cheryle says:

      Hi eine,

      Thanks for your kind and simple comment. Matteo and Sarah are two wonderful people who are both destined to be happy, For sure, God will make their relationship an ideal one. God Bless You.

  2. KC Loper says:

    Equally good looking,talented, intelligent and both came from a good family background. They both are God fearing individual. With all these positive qualities that they both have , are good signs for a happy ending relationship.. Wish all the best for both of you.

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