Mayor Herbert Bautista Admits He Loved Kris Aquino

| June 7, 2014 | 0 Comments

The intriguing world of Philippine politics can never be separated from the glaring glitz and glamour of local entertainment. This is most specially true, when the public official in focus is a former actor him-self. Mayor Herbert Bautista, a dynamic and goal-oriented local official of Quezon City, Philippines has honestly admitted time and again that popular TV host Kris Aquino became his girlfriend even for just a short period of time. This and other shocking revelations about his political career in 2016, were asked in a point blank question and answer segment of the late evening newscast, The Flag. Meanwhile, when asked about the reason behind why their relationship did not last long he simply said, I love my kid.

TV host Kris Aquino seems to be in a depressive state, as she packs up her taping skeds.

TV host Kris Aquino seems to be in a depressive state, as she packs up her taping skeds.

Going back to his political career, Mayor Bautista further clarified that he is more interested in his reelection bid in the mayoral position rather than in a much higher elective post two years from now. Along this juncture, he is even more willing to go up against comedian Vic Sotto if he would be running for the same position. But, he will gladly forgo his political ambition in favor of vice-mayor Joy Belmonte if the latter runs for a much sensitive post.

It is indeed so nice to hear that Mayor Herbert Bautista is too honest to address all those mystery queries. Therefore, he is a truly admirable man and his noblest acts are really worth-emulating.

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