The outbreak of any epidemic in any country can be as alarming as an economic crisis in its midst. Specifically,measles is the worst kind of illness that can ever hit both children and adults alike. To provide you with a more comprehensive information about this health menace, let this article do the talking. Primarily, measles which is otherwise known as morbilli or rubeola is generally described as the infection of both the respiratory and immune systems as well as the skin. In addition to this, it is mainly caused by a virus which is scientifically alluded to as paramyxovirus.

Signs and Symptoms

As far as its symptoms are concerned, this particular viral disease has the following signs and symptoms of which you must take extra precautions of. These can be any of the following: High fever, the sudden appearance of Koplik’s spots which usually manifest prior to the victim’s rashes that commonly last from 3-5 days, loss of appetite and a runny nose among others.

Measles is a deadly viral infection that directly hits our immune system.

Measles is a deadly viral infection that directly hits our immune system.


Moreover, it can be spread through the process of respiration. Meaning, it is the direct contact with a person’s body fluids that can either come from an individual’s mouth or nose. Characteristically, this is a kind of disease that is highly contagious. In fact, if a certain person has no direct immunity it is most likely that he or she can be infected in no time at all. Medically, it is highly recommended that an incubation process must be done as soon as possible. Ideally, it has to take place at least 9 to 12 days after the patient’s initial exposure to the carrier.


The unseen virus which causes this respiratory disease is described by scientists and medical experts alike as one-strand negative-sense RNA virus which came from the genus family of Morbillivirus. Since its discovery, it was first subjected to isolation in the year 1954 by no less than John Enders and Thomas Peebles. For the sake of experimentation, these two prominent scientists were too cautious in handling those subjects with Koplik’s spots. Along that line, humans have been found out that they are the only inherent hosts of the virus. Thus, it can be spread merely through sneezing and coughing.

Risk Factors of Rubeola Virus

Similarly, the rubeola virus has the following risk factors that you should watch out for. Some of these are:

  • Children with leukemia and HIV
  • Areas where measles are already an epidemic
  • Babies who do not have passive antibodies, prior to the age of routine immunization
  • Vitamin A deficiency
  • Pregnancy
  • Malnutrition


Such a dreaded disease encompasses numerous complications like:

  1. diarrhea
  2. pneumonia
  3. otitis media
  4. Corneal ulceration


To prevent this kind of an epidemic, here’s what parents’ should do. These can be the adoption of these vaccines:

  1. Immunoglobins
  2. MMR Vaccination


There is no specific treatment for this kind of disease. However, there are some simple first aid remedies for this type of medical condition which you must constantly remember. Please do take note that these treatment modalities are geared towards the easing of its symptoms, until the immune system of the patient has remarkably cleared those unseen infections that were mainly due to the deadly measles virus. To provide you with the easy to do cures for this type of viral infection, refer to the subsequent sections of this enlightening health article.

Simple First Aid Approaches for Measles

Try to do these helpful medical hints for your loved ones who are afflicted with rubeola virus.

  • Children must be allowed to drink more liquids as much as possible, to prevent dehydration.
  • Paracetamol or ibuprofen must be administered to ease fevers, body aches and pains.
  • Make sure that the patient feels a bit cool and not cold.
  • Antibiotics do not kill the virus itself. So, these can be administered without any fear. In some cases, antibiotics can be immediately prescribed if there are complications.
  • The use of Vitamin A supplements will be extremely beneficial for this kind of respiratory infection, because they strongly prevent the onset of further complications as the virus attacks the patient for a couple of days or two.

Measles can be as deadly as HIV. But, the awesome scientific marvels that could be possibly discovered in the near future will finally unlock the solution to this vicious health concern of millions.

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