The controversy between medical science and the concept of divine healing has become a longstanding debate in terms of efficacy, scientific principles and the nature of the two diverse branches of healing. In the medical parlance, the science of medicine is a branch of applied science which involves the critical and accurate methods of diagnosing, treating and the effective ways and means of disease prevention. Moreover, it comprehensively comprises a wide variety of practices of health care which are geared toward the achievement of health and wellness as a whole. Likewise, the contemporary branches of the medical field carefully employ the systematic methodologies and approaches of health science, modern biomedical researches and the innovative medical technologies in the successful fulfillment of scientific diagnosis and treatment of dreaded and contagious illness or even the most common and simplest forms of medical maladies. In most cases, medical science tries to solve the physiological illnesses of an individual through a medical surgery. Of course, medicine is not complete without the administration of therapies, external splints and prosthesis to name a few.

On the other hand, divine healing pertains to the healing of particular sickness through a high level of spirituality. The fanatic believers of this non-scientific treatment have positively asserted the postulate that the physical and spiritual healing of a person can be miraculously received through a strong and unwavering adoption of faith, rituals and prayers. Thus, these essentials of faith or divine healing stimulate or catalyze the presence of a divine spirit and its awesome powers to flawlessly rectify or restore the body to its normal state. Ultimately, the precept of divine healing is due to the powerful and invincible force of a specific religious belief. With respect to the unusual techniques of divine healing, they could be in the forms of having holy pilgrimages or shrine visitations and above all, the strong faith and belief in the Almighty.

Divine Healing

Characteristics of Divine Healing

However, no matter how experts have clearly defined both modalities of curative approaches along with their significant differences; still, the dividing line between medical science and faith healing has to be excellently presented in detail without sacrificing its essences and objectives as a whole. Based on the writings of A.B. Simpson, divine healing assumes the following qualitative characteristics or attributions:

  • Divine or faith healing is an act of a “redemptive work” of Jesus Christ
  • It comes to everyone especially for the sick on the principles of free grace and simple faith without work
  • It can be received through an individual’s SIMPLE TRUST in the Divine Providence

The Dual Action Process

The mutual or dual dynamics of the human mind is conceived as looking at the ways of the Lord and the ways of medical science. On the contrary, Simpson had hypothesized that if this would be a progressing process on the part of the majority of people around the world; then, it tends to weaken a person’s spirituality and religious beliefs. In effect, the conditional faith of people is somewhat like a “To see is to believe” contention. As a result, the sick and the hopeless are tempted succor or depend on medical science despite of the bitter fact that sometimes the medicine field of study cannot accurately determine or diagnose what is happening to a person with normal vital signs; and yet he or she claims to be “sick”.

Receiving total and complete healing

Prior to the much awaited answer to this intriguing query, readers must constantly bear in mind that this article does not want to influence you in any other way, to resort to this kind of parapsychology but, if you indeed want to attain total and complete healing, those people who are downtrodden with contagious and mysterious diseases must be able to learn to depend or rely on God, above anyone and anything else. To do this, patients who cannot be cured by medical science should devote their lives to God. Furthermore an individual who is physically suffering from a lingering disease must believe that God will do or perform a miracle, to put an end to his or her agony and torment. Most importantly, it is the prayer of faith that actually heals afflictions; just like your belief in the medical prescriptions being given by doctors. After all, Jesus raised a dead and healed millions of people by the power of His Divine words alone.

Divine Healing as perceived by Spiritualists and Pastors

Faith or divine healing is believed to be as an imparted life of our savior Jesus Christ using your body as a tangible proof to know the Lord even more through his unbelievable strength and holy life. In the final analysis, divine healing perfectly teaches people to seek the Lord’s help and divine guidance in order to be healed of their body and spiritual sickness. Over and above the dogmas of faith, is the idea of becoming personally acquainted with the Son of God and live upon Him alone. As the Scripture have said, “In Him, we move and have our being”.

Principle of Divine Healing

Knowing the greatest healer on the face of the earth, allows ones faith to go on forever in a progressive and evolving manner. However, if those non-believers decide to backslide there is no provision in the Holy Scripture for retreating as a result of great peril or due to an unexpected loss of something. A.B. Simpson had said that even the most expensive drug or medical breakthrough is not as effective as it should be, for those persons who had learned about the excellent and unblemished mechanisms of living a good life in order to have a perfect and healthy body. Conclusively, medical science can also help you to get healed if your whole body mind and spirit have been cleansed by your formidable religious beliefs in the Almighty.

Faith healing and medical science must be harmoniously combined to achieve the best and possible remedies which are unknown to medical practitioners. After all, the true foundation of divine healing is Jesus Christ and not the healers themselves. As the Bible would say, “And on the banks, on both sides of the river, there will grow all kinds of trees for food. Their leaves will not wither, nor their fruit fail, but they will bear fresh fruit every month, because the water for them flows from the sanctuary. Their fruit will be for food, and their leaves for healing.””Ezekiel 47:12 ESV


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