Age, although it is only by the numbers make us anxious whenever it tends to add up each year. It is all because we ardently desire to age without looking haggard and stressed. Some say, that the most effective way to stay young and vibrant through the years is to have a simple and regular health regimen, that is overflowing with those vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients which delay or slow down the aging process in the most unique and scientific ways. Along this line, let our versatile and easy to remember website share with you about a healthy and sumptuous diet of which many local and international celebrities have tried for several times since it was first introduced to the enticing arena of beauty, health and wellness.

Mediterranean sample diet.

Mediterranean sample diet.

This is popularly known as the Mediterranean diet. On Tuesday, some Boston researchers had found out that a specific and delicious diet which is oozing in olive oil, fish, plant food alongside with a glass of wine and your favorite meals can foster a much longer lifespan. Their worth knowing research findings were published in the British Medical Journal/. During the entire course of their scientific study, about the fantastic Mediterranean diet it was participated in by almost 4,676 women. This was conducted in relation to the Harvard Nurses’ Health Study. Significantly, it was amazingly concluded that those people who had tried the diet had engendered more telomeres as compared to those women who were not into it since it was first discovered. By the way, telomeres are protective barriers against the shortening of a human chromosome cells which in turn makes one’s chronological age to decrease. According to Immaculata De Vivo, an associate professor of Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital,

Certain lifestyle factors like obesity, sugary sodas, and smoking have been found to accelerate telomere shortening, and now our research suggests the Mediterranean diet can slow this shortening.

What is a Mediterranean Diet?

A Mediterranean diet is mainly comprised of veggies, fish and some wine, which when combined will have lots of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects in general. As a result, this remarkable characteristic of this much sought after health regimen will protect our whole human anatomy against the alarming aging of human cells. Going back to the research study, a nutrition professor in New York who goes by the name of Marion Nestle had contradicting statements concerning this very intriguing diet. This articulate educator has said that the aforementioned scientific study must be critically interpreted with utmost caution because the methods which were adopted by these researchers had no significant relation to women’s telomeres.

Despite of these differing perspectives, it was somehow proven that a Mediterranean diet was able to combat the different health risks involved in cardiac-related problems such as strokes and the likes; by as much as 30 percent. Of course, even if this kind of dish will lengthen our body’s telomeres it is highly recommended that we must consult a nutritionist or dietician before indulging ourselves into a healthylicious Mediterranean diet.

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