Biking will never be the same again, with this newest addition to the numerous technological innovations of today. This is actually classified as an urban bicycle, which is specifically designed for both convenience while perfectly attaining a kind of sleek physique like no other mode of transportation can ever have. This amazing bicycle was beautifully christened as Cylo. Generally, it is totally different from other conventional bikes that you have used before because it is comprised of several intricate details to make one’s biking routines a lot easier than ever before.

Cylo, The Urban Bicycle

This is Cylo, the urban bicycle. It has special designs and features that will make your biking routines a lot easier

Cylo will absolutely turn your world upside down, with these remarkable features: It has a rear break light, a silent carbon belt drive, Dynamo-powered LED lights which provide the utmost convenience to any biking enthusiasts in relation to the changing of its batteries. Similarly, it has been sophisticatedly equipped with an anti-theft device which is being referred to as integrated luminaires.

Furthermore, it has a splendid frame which was patterned after a minimalist chrome framework. In fact, this urban bicycle has well-defined lines. It was launched just recently by a former designer of Nike, Eric Duvauchelle. Just in case that you have the means to spend for a nice buy this summer, we highly recommend this ultra-modern bike which will soon become the newest sensation in the world of recreation, fitness and sports. As far as its retail price is concerned, it’s a bit more expensive at $2,199 each.

It is indeed fun and exciting, if you have an urban bike like Cylo. Besides its multifarious functionality, this extraordinary bicycle can be your ultimate travel companion anytime of the day without fear.

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