Have you ever seen a creature that was dubbed as the world’s ugliest? It is not as huge as dinosaurs nor as tiny as a caterpillar. It is found in the deep waters off the coasts of Australia and Tasmania it also inhabits the waters of New Zealand. Wondering what is it? It is called the blobfish. This grumpy looking, gelatinous fish lives between 2,000 and 3,900 ft where its pressure is dozen times higher than at sea level. They are often caught by bottom hunting nets and authorities are now fearful of the creature upon thinking of becoming endangered because of the so-called deep ocean hunt.

The blobfish might be physically ugly. However, it has special and unique ways that foster sea equanimity.

The blobfish might be physically ugly. However, it has special and unique ways that foster sea equanimity.

Blobfish tops the list of being the world’s ugliest animal  together with the huge-nosed proboscis monkey, the pig nosed turtle. This fish had won the public’s heart to become the official mascot of the Ugly Animal Preservation Societyworld’s ugliest animal. Meanwhile, the Ugly Animal Preservation Society started with a science themed comedy night and has thought of a mascot that will catch the attention of millions towards those visually-challenged endangered species. Luckily, it came out as the victor and it was announced at the British Science Festival in Newcastle.

Simon Watt, a biologist, TV presenter and the president of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society said that he always hoped that the campaign would get the attention of the world to take care and be informed of the diverse threats which are being encountered by these extraordinary and wonderful creatures. To his keen observation that people only protect animals that are cute and beautiful. If it would ever face the dilemma of extinction it has to be regarded as a threat.

So, he further stated that people should focus not just on the charming and appealing creatures. Instead, every specie living on earth should be helped. He also hoped that the votes would bring about the much needed attention for its swift conservation in order to gain countless of followers. To bring this to reality, Mr. Watt worked with comedians, who created a campaign message on YouTube for the creature of their choice and then the society will ask the public to vote for their favorite sea animal. In this particular campaign, it has unquestionably emerged as the winner by getting almost 10,000 votes. Overall, Mr. Watt hopes that with this extensive campaign he was able to highlight what was the most important, to protect similar creatures that are being threatened to be endangered and that conservation should be mainly focused on the protection of different habitats and not only of specific species.

Descriptively, the adorable blobfish has no muscle in its body and somewhat appears to be like a human face with eyes, lips and a strangely large nose. When they are taken out of the water, they dry out losing its human faced appearance. Also, this fish seldom moves and spends most of its time floating in the deepest part of the sea. It is believed that it does not hunt for food. Instead, it just opens its mouth and sucks little organic particles that passes by its location. Uniquely, female blobfish lays thousands of eggs and stays near them until they are hatched. They create nests and floats just above their eggs and sometimes rest on it. Female blobfish often create their nest near one another. Thus, this manner of laying eggs and creating nests are unexplainable.

Although they are inedible, these creatures still face dangerous threats from over-fishing. All because, it shares habitat with edible seafood like crabs and shrimps. As such, it has to be picked up accidentally by fishermen. By deep sea trawling, they cast their nets in the deep bottom of the sea causing it to be trapped alongside other with deep sea fish and creatures. Over the years, scientists are extremely concerned that there would come a time when it could become extinct if no drastic moves will be taken to preserve the wonderful specie.

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