Fame and fortune are one of the most far reaching dreams of all people anywhere in the world. They will do everything just to change their impoverished lives to a better one by purchasing a lottery ticket which can make anyone be on the top of the world, on the very day that those winning number combinations match with your favorite figures as well. The New York State Lottery has sold lots of these tickets in the said glamorous and glittering city simply because, they preciously carry the $326 mega million jackpot. The so-called mega million dollar lottery tickets were really blockbuster hits in a gas station somewhere in NY.

The New York State Lottery awaits the lucky winner of a mega million dollar jackpot prize.

The New York State Lottery awaits the lucky winner of a mega million dollar jackpot prize.

According to lottery officials, these inexpensive mega million dollar lottery tickets had been conveniently purchased by using the Quick Pick Option at the Valero gas station in Middletown, Orange County, which is about 60 miles in the northwest section of Albany. In addition, the overwhelmingly announced mega million dollar jackpot prize was previously estimated at $321 million. However, it had suddenly skyrocketed to $326 million after the jackpot of good luck had another $5 million in its much coveted treasure chest. As of this time, nobody has notified the New York State Lottery that he or she had hit the right combinations.

Meanwhile, the winning numbers for last Tuesday’s draw were: 9, 15, 24, 39 and 41. Similarly, the Mega Ball was number 1. As part of the New York State Lottery policy, it will have a $ 10,000 bonus prize for selling the winning ticket to a lucky bettor. Needless to say, this kind of a probability game needs no tedious mathematical calculations. All it takes is our gut feel to finally attain the financial freedom that we earnestly desire for the longest time.

Consequently, there are no revealing secrets involved as to how these mega million dollar tickets can really make you a millionaire. But, according to some previous winners the most probable array of numbers that you should make use of are your loved ones’ birthdays, historical dates and most importantly your favorite numbers from the very day that you were born. Lottery tickets are the genuine passages toward what we need to be in the not so distant future. We might not be always lucky in these types of number games. But we cannot discount the possibility that God will shower us with these limitless amounts of money to help those people who are not so financially blessed.

Just the same, these mega million lottery tickets are merely instruments for us to become the best that we could ever be. After all, money can never be regarded as the Root of all evil because He lovingly wants us to prosper in all things. Therefore, to become rich is the right of everyone who never stops searching for it.

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