Today I was looking for some information on the web on how to merge 2 Facebook pages because I needed to merge 2 pages that are basically the same. So I fired up google and started searching for the keyword “How to merge Facebook pages“. To my surprise and great delight, there were numerous results offering some instructions on how to do it. The process should be plain and simple. It should give the correct instructions on how to merge two pages into one, nothing more, nothing less.

I’ve started browsing the first result and sad to say, the link that it mentioned directed me into a page not found error. Same goes for the second and third link. Tried checking the fourth and it gave instruction way out of the topic so I never bothered digging deep. To my dismay, I never found any article that offered the information that I need, or rather the updated information that I need. So what I did is tried browsing Facebook and ended up in their help section and voila! the information that I was looking for was staring straight into my face.

Merge Facebook Pages

Here are the steps on how to merge pages in Facebook

  • Step 1 – Login to facebook and visit the page where you want other pages to be merged with.
  • Step 2 – Click “Edit Page” then choose “Edit Settings”
  • Step 3 – Look for the “Merge Pages” option. If you see it, it means that you can merge other pages into the page you are currently editing. Otherwise, it is not possible.

It just so happened that the pages that I wanted to merge together are fairly new so the merge feature is not yet available for them. Facebook decides whether a certain page is mature enough to receive merging pages. Also, Facebook users don’t have to submit a merge request anymore. It is already available and ready to be used. You just need to know where and what to click 🙂

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