The hustle and bustle of a busy day in Metro Manila, was terrifyingly marred by a tragic accident when one of the fast and efficient trains of Metro Rail Transit went out of control and slammed at its station fence late this afternoon. As a result, dozens were said to be injured. This unforeseen technical glitch happened in one of its leading stations in Taft Avenue Station, Pasay City. Among its injured passengers had included an infant who is six months old.

The efficient and fast Metro Rail Transit went out of control in Taft Avenue, Pasay City.

The efficient and fast Metro Rail Transit went out of control in Taft Avenue, Pasay City.

Based on verified accounts of GMA-7’s 24 Hours, it has reported an approximate of almost 50 passengers were hurt. On the other hand, a few minutes after the incident happened the total number of persons who were injured were 35. Some of them were immediately brought to San Juan De Dios Hospital. Most of them were women, elderly young children and disabled persons. To know more about the accident, one of the passengers had vividly recalled that she saw a spark while the train was passing the Magallanes Station in Makati City. Meanwhile, the official spokesperson of the Department of Transportation and Communications in the person of Miguel Sagcal, has said that the passengers of MRT had failed to alight from its coach before it entered and slammed itself at the safety barrier. More so, Sagcal said:

The derailed train initially stalled between the Magallanes and Taft stations and, following railway SOPs, had to be pushed by the next oncoming train. The two trains were coupled or linked together, but along the way, this coupling disconnected. This caused the derailed train to go past the Taft platform.

On the part of the government, Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya immediately instructed the management of Metro Rail Transit to assist those people who were gravely hurt in the said incident. Conversely, the Metro Rail Transit also hit a concrete lamppost which fell on an SUV. MRT 3 is operated by a private company which is known as the Metro Rail Transit Corporation together with the Department of Transportation and Communications.

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