The intimate secrets of Michael Jackson insofar as his most chosen heirs are concerned, can be aptly described as somewhat intriguing and mysterious, if we are to closely examine the King of Pop’s estate details. To begin with, his 2002 estate summary provided for the support of his beloved mother and three lovely kids. Surprisingly, he did not leave a single cent or anything to his siblings and father. Most importantly, the last will and testament of Jackson states that her mother will act as the primary caretaker or custodian of his children.

Michael Jackson's Chosen Heirs

In his 2002 last will and testament, the chosen heirs of his multi-million dollar riches are his mother and children.

More so, there is an allotted amount for his chosen heirs’ needs and all other luxuries such as education funds, vacation sprees and a royal-like mansion in Calabasas, a famous celebrity hideaway. According to reliable sources, in the final stretch of 2012 the estate has already paid a total amount of $20 million for his immediate family.

As far as the main executioner of Jackson’s estate, he is nonetheless Attorney John Branca. He is the King of Pop’s family lawyer during his prime. Also, he has lawfully designated John Mc Clain. It is really admirable that Michael Jackson was able to secure the future of his family and children, despite of the bitter fact that he had faced and endured the most painful challenges during his successful and inspiring lifetime.

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