The world of glitter of glamour in the competitive arena of American Idol mourns the sudden death of its most prolific and talented contenders in the person of Michael Johns, who suddenly passed away at a very young age of 35. According to the ever reliable Fox News, the cause of his untimely demise was not revealed by his immediate family. However, there were alleged reports which said that it was due to a blood clot in his ankle. As his death came so abruptly, the keen and straightforward judge of American Idol in the person of Simon Cowell, had posted on his official Twitter account the Johns is a truly great guy.

American Idol Michael Johns dies at 35.

American Idol Michael Johns dies at 35.

According to TMZ, the would be famous singer of his time had allegedly twisted his ankle. After which, the said part of his body had become unbearably painful. As a result, he went to doctor. After a few minutes, he was told to go home. He was found unconscious at a friend’s apartment on Friday and was pronounced dead thereafter. According to Fox News,

Michael Johns was an incredible talent and we are deeply saddened by the news of his passing. He was a part of our American Idol family and he will be truly missed.

Meanwhile, for his family, Johns is a perfect husband, son, uncle, and a friend. In other words, if you have him in your life you will not ask for more. Similarly, Cowell has sweetly regarded him as a singer with a white soul. Going back to his illustrious career as a singer, he has signed a recording contract under Maverick Records prior to his audition in American Idol. After his stint in the said most popular international singing search, he has proudly released a single which is entitled,. From then on, Michael Johns career was never the same again.

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