Michelle Obama’s New Hairdo on Jeopardy

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First Lady Michelle Obama’s appearance on quiz show, Jeopardy leads to questions about her hairdo. The always-elegant Michelle Obama looks totally bald. Of course, it’s just a matter of her hair being pulled back tightly and her hair also appeared to be much more gray, perhaps some lighting issues, but not an especially flattering image. I wonder why her handlers did not insist on something more favorable.

Michelle Obama’s New Hairdo on Jeopardy became a spark for Internet rumors about her hair. Some thought the first lady had shaved her head, while other people keep making fun of Michelle Obama’s shaved hair and calling her a man. However, others think she looks gorgeous that the first lady’s hair was just pulled back in a tight style. Media outlets drove the topic as well.

Michelle Obama Bald on Jeopardy

First Lady Michelle Obama appears to be bald on “Jeopardy”.

Michelle Obama, who turned 51 in January, has demonstrated a widely admired sartorial sense while championing causes like the “Let’s Move!” anti-obesity campaign during President Obama’s time in office. Her switch to a hair style featuring bangs for her 49th birthday drew praise, and earlier that year she embraced a bob style.

You know, it’s hard to make speeches with hair in your face“, she told Parade magazine at the time of the switch.

Michelle Obama’s hairstyle has taken on significance in international affairs, such as her headscarf-free attendance at the late King Abdullah’s funeral in Saudi Arabia in January, which caused a furor among some traditional Muslims, but it won plaudits from even one of her husband’s most stringent critics, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

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