Microsoft is Retiring Internet Explorer

| March 19, 2015 | 0 Comments

Microsoft had recently announced that they are discontinuing or retiring Internet Explorer also known as IE. The browser has helped shape the internet during the past decades however, due to some of the issues following security, speed and compatibility with the latest innovation in website development, shaking off the not so good reputation will be quite hard for the IT giant. Microsoft plans though to replace it with a new product called ProjecT Spartan which they said would address all the issues in IE. In a recent statement released by Microsoft marketing chief Chris Capossela, Project Spartan would also have the following features apart from addressing speed, security and compatibility which Internet Explorer could not address.

Internet Explorer Retired

Microsoft to retire internet Explorer

  • Streamlined Layout
  • Personal Web Assistant which they named Cortana coming from the Halo games.
  • Special reading mode and annotation tools

I personally have no qualms about Internet Explorer but I think Microsoft made the right choice of discontinuing the browser and replacing it with a more robust and stable product which can compete with the other leading browsers today such as the Firefox and Google Chrome. For sure will see lots of innovations once again in this niche of technology so tune in for more news here at


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