Have you ever found your true love? Well, this is the most exciting and fulfilling chapter in any person’s life that can never be equated with any material wealth. However, for those people who seem to be pessimistic about this sacred and heavenly feeling, you better not miss this latest teleserye of ABS-CBN 2, which is captivatingly entitled, as “Mira Bella“. Kapamilya’s newest drama gems, Enrique Gil and Julia Baretto are the main protagonists in “Mira Bella” which will enchantingly bewitch millions of televiewers starting on the 24th day of March. Impressively, the main plot of “Mira Bella” will revolve around Mira Bella who had painfully inherited a mysterious kind of curse which had consequently caused her to possess a skin that is very much similar to a wood.

"Mira Bella" stars Julia Baretto and Enrique Gil in their respective lead roles .

Mira Bella” stars Julia Baretto and Enrique Gil in their respective lead roles .

But despite of her painful and unbearable miseries, Mira Bella remained to be optimistic that there are still good traits in people as she travels a complex and yet challenging earthly life. This is an uplifting moral value which has been significantly inculcated by her loving and supportive parents, to be portrayed by notable comedienne, Pokwang and versatile TV host and impersonator John Lapus. Among the much awaited denouements of “Mira Bella” that we should not miss are as follows: First, will Mira Bella be able to effectively impart that one’s inner beauty is of paramount regard rather than a person’s fading physical beauty? Second, will Mira Bella finally get the unconditional love and acceptance from the one and only man of her dreams?

To further add some exciting twists and turns to the eternal love affair of Jeremy and Mira Bella, here are the other roster of versatile actors and actresses that will make her life even more colorful and somehow complicating. They are: Mylene Dizon, Sam Concepcion, James Blanco Gloria Diaz and a whole lot more. Incidentally, “Mira Bella” is artistically megged by three of the most remarkable directors in the country today namely: Jojo Saguin, Jerome Pobocan and Erick Salud, for Dreamscape Entertainment.

A few days from now, “Mira Bella” will splendidly unfold before our very eyes. Remarkably, this is another mega blockbuster teleserye that will humbly teach us that “True love really waits and it sweetly comes from the most unexpected places”. “Mira Bella” will definitely be another Cinderella tale. However, it is marvelously coupled with a different kind of cinematic attack that is specially meant for television. Watch out for it.

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