Parapsychology as we all know, deals with the most controversial and mind boggling matters about
the impossible of which eventually becomes possible. Along this juncture, there is one area in the critical and intensive study of the Divine and human intelligence that many skeptics refuse to believe because of these overlapping variables. These are the catalytic influences of scientific innovations and the diverse spiritual beliefs of man. Despite of all the progressive integrals of human evolution, this very intriguing question remains to haunt many of us especially when life’s happenings are against our big plans no matter how we do our best. Do miracles really happen? Let this article answer this question as objectively as possible.

The glorious resurrection of Christ is one great miracle that science can never refute.

The glorious resurrection of Christ is one great miracle that science can never refute.

In the mystifying world of parapsychology, miracles do happen because of two essential paradigms of human spirituality. These are faith and the universal law of mind conditioning. To explain, faith is how people perceive God as a supernatural entity who can provide all the temporal and spiritual necessities of man regardless of time and space. Moreover, this is a propelling catalyst which only shows that He who created all things can do anything that He desires. In essence, even man cannot prevent this from happening. Like for instance, when super typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines there are some people who luckily survived. In contrast, others did not have a new lease of life simply because God does not want them to. Indeed, miracles do happen just because our Savior wants us to see that He was heavenly sent by our Father to sacredly propagate the immense power of His innate goodness and mercy to all His wonderful creations.

On the aspect of mind conditioning, miracles do happen because of the fantastic power of positive thinking. Based on the governing principles of “positive psychology”, surprising miracles of human nature happen when we use the incredible power of the human mind. Granting that this is true, why are there times wherein man is so helpless and devastated during natural calamities? Perhaps, no one knows the answer. Similarly, miracles are magnificently manifested because these inevitable phenomena will further increase our burning desire to know God in a more intimate way.Therefore, that will strengthen our own volition to pray more fervently than we used to before.

However, there are circumstances that miracles do not happen. It is not a question of belief or faith. This bitter reality takes place because it is not yet the proper time to make it a reality. Humans are being tested in this life to pave the way for miracles to happen. Thus, life’s trials are the most excellent spiritual mechanisms to make people aware that there is a Master who dearly recognizes them as literally weak and totally incapable without Him.

The regenerating spirituality of mankind is the most profound and solid evidence that He can perform any kind of miracle, that is not bounded by time and space. Given this kind of premise, opens an avenue of dumbfounding truths that God can make astonishing marvels out of void conceptions that only He can perfectly comprehend.


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    Nothing is impossible to GOD. I LOVE YOU.

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