Just recently, there is a sensational love triangle in Hollywood, which romantically involved the beautiful and sexy Miranda Kerr, singer Justin Bieber and the equally good-looking Orlando Bloom. It was reported by those famous Hollywood insiders that he can no longer look at his girl just the that he did before. As a result of this very confusing love triangle between Kerr and his his ever loving partner and Justin Bieber, it had resulted in a brawl last July 30, 2014. On the part of Kerr the said situation made her felt that that was very much humiliated about the whole thing.

Miranda Kerr wants to have a break of all her recent love controversies.

Miranda Kerr wants to have a break of all her recent love controversies.

Thus, the 31-year old supermodel was a bit mortified in one way or the other. As of this writing, Miranda is on a much needed vacation together with her family. According to a very reliable source,

Miranda wants all of this behind her and she just wants to move on from this and go about her life. She is very embarrassed about everything that has gone on.

Going back, the sensationalized altercation between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber all started when Justin allegedly made some not so good comments about the supermodel. Likewise, Hollywood buzz has it that Bieber and the alluring Victoria Secret model are allegedly getting closer than ever before after a star-studded fashion show of Victoria Secret two years ago. After the rumored flirtation Bloom and Kerr gone their separate ways. Some say, that Kerr and Bieber had reportedly exchanged nasty text messages with one another. Meanwhile, the brawling incident was said to have been insinuated by Bieber by saying sarcastic remarks against the debonair actor. All these were caught live by TMZ.

Whatever would be the conclusion of this highly-publicized altercation, Miranda Kerr should not let her-self to be in a crossfire of jealousy and an ardent feeling of love and nasty rumors.

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