The very essence beyond the sweetest realm of victory is the remarkable motivation of a dynamic and effective coaching staff. This has always been the secret of the ever dashing Mississippi State, ever since it had dawned itself into a kind of winning streak that can never be compared to any football team in its evolving history. Likewise, the roaring voices and cheers of its countless supporters across the globe had built for the team an overpowering kind of adrenalin rush which ran into the bloodstream of every player, most specially in the crucial junctures of the game. To prove that their world-renowned team is one of the best in the world, the no retreat, no surrender dictum of Mississippi State did it all for them without reservations. Best of all, their most prolific coach, Dan Mullen has brilliantly combined both guts and glory to finally take possession of the leather in all tenacity and aggressiveness.

Mississippi-State has overpowered Auburn, 38-23.

Mississippi-State has overpowered Auburn, 38-23.

Ultimately, this was the biggest victory of Mississippi State. Of course, this was attributed to a holistic kind of team effort which understandably boiled to one thing.- Winning. To be certain that their not so elusive victory was already in the bag, Dan Prescott has given his team a masterfully crafted blue print of the most prolific route towards victory, he made two beautiful touchdowns and another one came so suddenly which made his team to be more inspired and jubilant than ever before.

Prior to this one, he was in the same way vividly remembered as one of greatest football legend that this world had ever known. This was all about their previous game against the equally furious and mighty Texas A&M. In the said game, the savior and lucky charm of Mississippi State was able to make the most of what he got at his disposal when he had successfully accomplished 18 out of 34 perfect passes to establish another undisputed record of 34 magical passess for 246 yards.

These were all marvelously done while he tried his very best to achieve another milestone of 121 yards. Collectively, the shining victory of Mississippi State was also due to the strong and timeless contribution of Josh Robinson. He swiftly ran like a cheetah just to execute a total of 97 yards and two touchdowns. Hence, it was coupled with two touchdowns. According to Mullen,

‘Every time we needed to make a play, a guy stepped up and made a play. We always wondered how to take the next step in this league.

As we all know, the Midas Touch of Mississippi State had paved the way for them to establish nine straight victories which dates back to the last season. As far as Auburn was concerned it was able to make at least 209 yards; while he also ran for 100 yards with utmost perfection. Will Mississippi State be able to sustain their strong momentum to stay on top for the rest of the season? Watch out for more actions and thrills.

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