Mitch Albom Hits the “Bottomline” with Boy Abunda

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The “Bottomline” with Boy Abunda, will have a compelling chit-chat with world-renowned author and playwright Mitch Albom this Saturday, the 15th day of March. Mitch Albom in today’s episode of the “Bottomline”, will share about his goal-driven whim about his chart-topping books which very well include “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” and “Tuesdays with Morrie”, respectively. This is going to be an interesting chit-chat with one of the most successful in the world of writing. Read on to learn more about Mitch Albom.

Mitch Albom with Boy Abunda

Famous author and playwright Mitch Albom, joins Boy Abunda’s “Bottomline” to reveal his winning secrets of success.

Who is Mitch Albom? Mitch Albom is a gifted child, who was born and raised in New Jersey, USA. His loving rendezvous with writing all started when he was still in the “Big Apple”, as a struggling sports journalist. From there, he started climbing up the ladder of success when he got in touch with his former mentor in college who was incidentally Mitch Albom’s subject in his very inspiring book entitled, “Tuesdays with Morrie”. Apart from this interesting anecdote about Mitch Albom and his unbelievable story of fruition, tonight’s “Bottomline” with Boy Abunda on ABS-CBN 2 will gladly divulge the concealed realities about human existence, a blissful place called “Heaven” and how these inevitable absoluteness have made him a better person with an unperturbed concept of optimism that no one else can come close.

It would surely be one of the most exceptional episodes of the “Bottomline” with Boy Abunda”, because Mitch Albom will magnificently enlighten the viewers’ minds about the exciting spices of life which will make them appreciate those inherent talents that were given to them by God to benefit other people as well as the society where they rightfully belong.

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