The eternal and lasting love of a cancer patient and his lovely bride was last night’s presentation of MMK. The said video has become a viral sensation in the world of cyberspace, after it was uploaded on YouTube, by one of the relatives of the dying groom. This tearful wedding video had a total of 11,806,509 views. It vividly depicted the love story of Rowden Hazzy and Liezl Go who got married at the Philippine General Hospital.

MMK's true-to-life-story of Liezel and Hazzy Go who died of liver cancer, a few hours after the wedding.

MMK’s true-to-life-story of Liezel and Hazzy Go who died of liver cancer, a few hours after the wedding.

As far as their fairytale love story was concerned, the soon to be husband and wife met in a bar. During the course of their getting to know stage, Hazzy was working in a bank in Manila while the apple of his eye was a college student. Based on the plot of the story, Liezl had a bad reputation of being too fond of alcohol and of different men. On the other hand, her future groom was said to be as a family oriented type of guy.

For Hazzy, it was indeed love at first sight because he already considered Liezl as his girl after spending some romantic nights together. Their official romantic involvement all began when Liezl broke up with her boyfriend and has finally decided to have a relationship with Hazzy. Despite of their harmonious chemistry together, the woman of her dreams was not that serious about the whole thing. Likewise, she was not at ease with the family of Hazzy because she thought that she was not welcome to her boyfriend’s family. However, the mother of her soon to be husband has offered the couple to stay with her because they will soon have a child of their own. Therefore, they went to Manila to be with the mom of her husband. But, Liezl felt too uneasy with the said set up. Here’s the actual video of the viral wedding which made millions of viewers to cry. Watch this.

To cut the story short, MMK depicted as a whole, their plans of getting married but the wife to be was so hesitant then. It was because of the fact that she always thought that their happiness will be short lived. But as soon as they are already planning to tie the knot, Rowden was diagnosed of a terminal liver cancer.

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