Brunette beauty Miranda Kerr has touched down in Tokyo, Japan to a crowd of waiting fans at Haneda International Airport. The Victoria Secret model is wearing a black midriff and pants with a white blazer and popping pink sneakers, stopped for selfies at the arrivals terminal.

Miranda Kerr has made herself a household name in Asia after landing a gig with Reebok Korea. Some fans were excited to see her, however, some were annoyed seeing her. Her stunning look has appeared some of her followers as Miranda Kerr Instagram Haters.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr at Haneda International Airport in Tokyo.

One Instagram user wrote, “F**k you miranda i hate you and you know why“. Another user wrote, “But please don’t post more about being in Korea… It might hurts some fans and trust me THEY won’t care about bashing u at all dear. Trust me, I’m in the fandom. Your so pretty though“. Fans posted some envious comments after the model posted her yoga pictures showing off her flexibility at a gym.

Miranda Kerr Instagram Haters

Miranda Kerr took part in yoga in Seoul before posting a snap of herself showing off her flexibility at a gym.

Well, this is not new, when the Australian model followed Sehun, the youngest member of EXO’s on Instagram last September, the model received positive and negative backlash. Sehun initially followed the Victoria’s Secret model, but he unfollowed everyone on Instagram and currently follows zeroes accounts.

Miranda Kerr’s followers turn green with envy when Sehun sent Kerr a signed copy of the group’s latest album “Exodus” on April 13, and the model not only shared the picture but also commented on his account, where she also wished the idol a happy birthday.

Miranda Kerr

Oh Se Hun surprised signed album for Miranda Kerr.

Thank you @oohsehun [Sehun’s Instagram handle] for my surprise signed album“! she wrote.

Meanwhile, the album had a handwritten message and autographs from EXO’s members, “Check out our album“, Sehun wrote, “I’m a big fan! E.X.O. Listen“!

Along with sharing the photo of the album, Miranda Kerr commented on a picture of Sehun celebrating his birthday on April 12.

Happy birthday for yesterday” the model wrote.

Fans of EXO, known as EXO-L, commented on Kerr’s picture, thanking her and asking fans not to lash out against her for any reason.

Awwww! Thank you so much for this post, my cutie Sehun will be very happy much“! commented phamaizhang. “Thank you for making his day. 🙂 I hope that everything is fine for you, and please don’t delete this. You shouldn’t feed the trolls, they are just small pieces. Love you & your Flynn [Kerr’s son]“.

Sehun, legally Oh Se Hun, has picked Miranda Kerr as his dream woman in the past, and the two follow each other on Instagram.


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