Mommy Dionisia, the super mom of Filipino boxing champion and legend Saranggani Congressman Manny Pacquiao has grandiosely celebrated her 65th birthday in a lavish beach resort in General Santos City, Philippines with her friends, relatives and her 95-year old mom. Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao was not able to attend the most unforgettable event of their celebrity mom due to their various business concerns. In the said fairytale like event, Mommy D. all started with a grand walk on a red carpet as she flaunted her elegant white gown with a heart ornament. She was indeed filled with an inexpressible kind of happiness. Maybe because, she had worn a beautiful birthday gown which was actually a made-to-order one from Iloilo City.

Mommy Dionisia renders a gyrating dance number in one of her birthday celebrations.

Mommy Dionisia renders a gyrating dance number in one of her birthday celebrations.

At the plush Mt. Sabrina Resort, Tambler, General Santos City, the crowd incessantly applauded her very own rendition of the hit song Wrecking Ball. Also, she did some ballroom dancing routines to delight her visitors even more. Meanwhile, her mother Cristina was so happy to see her daughter in the pink of health and literally enjoying the zest of life to the hilt.

As for her birthday wish, Mommy Dionisia earnestly desires a movie with Filipino action star Robin Padilla, the Bad Boy of Philippine Movies. In the event that this wishful thinking of hers will come true, all she wants is to portray a mother role of the most admired action star of the country.

Mommy Dionisia is indeed very lucky to have a son like Manny Pacquiao, who has unselfishly given her the best of both worlds without any reservation. Watch this short video below, and see how her Mom had enjoyed the fruits of his labor through the years.

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